Mobile subscribers in Russia will be identifiable by their face and voice. Using remote authentication, you can register a virtual SIM card (eSIM) without visiting of office — you should take a photo on your camera phone or computer and to say a few words into the microphone.

The development system will be engaged in “Rostelecom” — the operator of the Unified biometric system, which was originally created for the remote identification of customers of banks, write “Izvestia”. However, the regulatory framework for the use of eSIM will require adjustments, the letter said the Ministry of communications operators.

eSIM is a built-in gadget module, which you can use to podskachila to different operators and tariffs without the SIM card.

This system in 2018 are used in the United States and Europe. Technology support smartphones Apple аппаратыGoogle Pixel, smart casing and Apple iPads.

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