As a smartphone for work Russians often use Apple gadgets — they account for 41.6% of the connections. This was reported by the operator of cloud telephony for business “Mango Telekom”, compiled and published the ranking. Experts analyzed data from a mobile app that connects your Android device to the corporate PBX.

The first top ten smartphone manufacturers is as follows: Apple (41,6%), Samsung (18,1%), Xiaomi (16.1 per cent), Huawei (11.1 per cent), Asus (1.7 per cent), Sony (1.6 percent), Meizu (1.3 per cent), LG (0.9 per cent), LG (0,8%), OnePlus (0.7 percent).

The most popular, according to the calculations of Mango Telecom, business phones — released in 2016, the iPhones, the seventh of the series.

Not always work smartphones — this is the service equipment, purchased by the organization. In the small and medium business widespread BYOD model (Bring Your Own Device), when to solve job tasks are operated employees ‘ personal devices, so business rating smartphones largely account for the overall popularity of certain models.

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