It’s the middle of summer, and that means that there will be previews of the most anticipated smartphones of the year. And the users have to choose who and what to buy.

Before this period of time the bulk of the user was only interested in Apple devices and Samsung. In 2016, joined the Google Pixel. And last, though not become a bestseller, but attracted the attention of people interested in technology.

As it turned out, this same part of the audience more inclined to buy branded smartphone Google. Previously, it seemed that dilute an endless confrontation between Samsung and Apple is impossible, but the situation is gradually changing.

For example, the resource Phone Arena has a poll of his readers and tried to figure out what they would like to buy: Samsung Galaxy Note Google Pixel 9 or 3 XL. 45.5% of users voted in Google, 23% refrained from answering, 12.5% not interested in buying both, and 19% expressed a preference for the Korean flagship.

Of course, people’s opinions may change after the release of smartphones, the emergence of the first reviews and so on. However, the position of the people is quite clear. Samsung released the Galaxy S8 and excellent Galaxy Note 8, but it showed a completely vague Galaxy S9. According to rumors, the Note 9 will not be something remarkable. Continuity of design is good, but as it turned out, to release the same phone for 4 years in a row benefit only one company. Samsung may suffer losses.


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