Smart TVs (Smart TV) Samsung lines 2018 and 2019, the years will receive the iTunes Movies and TV Shows, allowing you to buy and view movies and television shows from a library of Apple. Along with Samsung also promised to support the wireless Protocol of the broadcast media 2 AirPlay this gives the device the Korean manufacturer, the main functions of the Apple TV.

Samsung announced that iTunes and AirPlay 2 appears on Samsung Smart TV models from 2019, starting in the spring. On devices 2018, support will be provided after the firmware update. The new iTunes will be available exclusively on Samsung Smart TV in more than 100 countries and AirPlay 2 will be supported on Samsung Smart TV in 190 countries.

Users of Samsung Smart TV will have access to your existing iTunes library and will be able to buy or rent any of hundreds of thousands of movies and TV shows available in the iTunes store, including the largest selection of movies in 4K HDR. ITunes Movies/TV Shows will be integrated in such services Samsung Smart TV as a Universal Guide, a new Bixby and Search, providing a uniform experience of use across the entire Samsung ecosystem.

AirPlay 2 is supported on devices from all major types of Samsung Smart TV, including TVs QLED 4K and 8K, interior TVs The Frame and Serif and other UHD and HD models Samsung.

Media: Apple’s free show series to holders of its устройств_
As noted by The Verge, Apple partnership with Samsung (in itself not surprising — in iPhone used screens and many other components of the Korean company), is part of the preparation for the launch of “Apple” streaming video service. It was conceived as a competitor to Netflix, similar to how Apple Music trying to compete with Spotify.

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