To pass or not?

Sberbank officially announced that its customers have the opportunity of putting their biometric data already in the 20% of the Bank’s branches. By early 2019 all necessary technologies for the delivery of the biometrics was equipped with more than 2,700 branches of the Bank throughout Russia. Is it worth it to give my biometrics for Sberbank right now?

Where can I take my biometrics at Sberbank

Sberbank is actively expanding the list of offices where possible of biometric data. The Bank operates according to the approved plan, providing the necessary technology, more and more offices. If the fall of 2018 with the opportunity of submitting biometrics was only a few dozen branches, now the Bank’s customers a far greater choice of available departments. According to official data, the submission of biometrics is available in 20% of the Bank’s offices throughout Russia.

A complete list of addresses of centres where you can take biometrics, published on the official website of the project “Key Rostelecom”.

Is it worth it to give my biometrics at Sberbank

Russians have no common opinion about whether or not to take the biometrics in the savings Bank. Experts believe that the decision of every individual should depend on the necessary additional capacity, which brings the surrender of biometrics.

The main advantage of submitting biometrics is that customers have the opportunity to use the services of banks and public institutions without personal presence. In addition, biometrics provides maximum reliable to protect your data from fraud and speed up the identification process, so as to forge scans of faces and voices impossible. Thus, if you need such options, you should consider submitting biometrics in the savings Bank. Otherwise, this option you do not need.

Source: Sberbank.


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