The recommendations are simple, but effective.

It is no secret that scammers regularly find new ways of deception of clients of Sberbank. Many of the new fraud techniques are very effective, the savings Bank is actively trying to fight. At the beginning of 2019 the Bank has decided to warn users about possible threats and told customers how to protect their money from fraud.

Sberbank has published a small Bulletin, which includes simple but effective rules of financial cyber security. First and foremost, the savings Bank advises customers to keep pins and passwords secure and not disclose them to anyone under any conditions. Despite its simplicity, this tip can actually save money from theft. The reason is that even the most advanced methods of fraud suggest that a victim will report cyber criminals CVV code or password from online banking.

Representatives of Sberbank stressed that clients in any case can not open questionable discounts, especially those that come via SMS or email. Not so long ago we told you about a new viral app that spread just the same. Experts on cyber security said that because of the new virus suffered a lot of clients.

Separately, Sberbank warned of “paid surveys” that are gaining popularity in Russian Internet. Representatives of the Bank stated that the Bank does not conduct such surveys and any such proposals are received only from the Scam.

Also in the savings Bank recalled the need to use a proven antivirus program and that Bank employees will never ask customers for passwords or codes from SMS by telephone. Again, we note that despite the simplicity of this recommendation, the following it could save money from theft.

Source: Sberbank.


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