All modern smartphones support retention of the call, and the iPhone is no exception. Option allows you to learn about the incoming call during a conversation with the caller, allowing, if necessary, switch to another companion. Let us consider that a given opportunity.

Note that “call Waiting” is supported by all operators working on the territory of the Russian Federation. The service is free, but you should know that the billing is done according to the terms of your plan. Each call is charged separately.

So how do we know about the second line?

After will receive a call during your conversation, you will hear a beep and on the screen of the iPhone displays caller ID and three possible choices:

— End call + answer to end the conversation with the first caller and switch to the incoming call.
— Voicemail to send an incoming call to the answering machine.
— Hold + answer – pause the current call and switch to incoming call.

Thus, the option “call Waiting” will allow you to always stay connected and not miss an important call during a conversation with other subscribers.

How to enable?

To make it easier. You must go to “Settings” -> “Phone” -> “call Waiting”. Translate the slider in the active position.

If the function is disabled, all incoming calls will be transferred to voice mail. In some countries and for certain operators of this service may be provided for a fee. So if you activate the option via the settings is not possible, ensure its availability, contact your service provider.


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