This iPhone 11 looks much better.

Authoritative insider OnLeaks published high-quality images of the second prototype iPhone XI (11). According to the published images, the new Apple smartphone will get triple horizontal chamber, which will be located at the center of the rear surface of the housing.

OnLeaks emphasized that shown in the images, the smartphone is one of the real iPhone prototypes XI for which information has flowed directly from Apple. This means that the new iPhone may indeed look like. It all depends on what prototype you decide to stay Apple.

New iPhone prototype XI different from the one presented at the beginning of the year the first prototype of a smartphone with triple “triangular” camera. In this prototype, the camera is located vertically on the center of the rear surface. The camera is quite compact, what has been achieved by equipping the mobile in a circular flash around the Central lens.

Also the prototype indicates that the frame around the display in the new iPhone 11 will be reduced, especially the upper frame, which is decreased at least in half. In General, the total design of the iPhone 11 is similar to the previous models.

Source: compareraja.


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