Apple have long been testing its Autonomous system of car control on public roads. However, until recently, the cupertinos have managed to avoid accidents. But at the end of August the car with the Apple system of Autonomous control still got in an accident. However, the culprit of the collision was the other driver.

According to reports, the accident occurred on August 24. Apple vehicle moved offline and in the moment of collision was rebuilt from one row to another. The velocity of Autonomous cars was less than 2 kmh.

At the time of the rebuild in the rear of the car with Apple crashed the Nissan Leaf, which moved with a speed about 25 km / h Both cars received various injuries, but none of the people in the accident were not injured.

Recall that for the first time on American roads self-driving cars with the control system Apple has introduced more than a year ago. If you believe the latest rumors, some time ago cupertinos switched from developing a complete vehicle control system.


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