After a complete review of new Apple computers iFixit decided to conduct a specialized testing keyboard, resistance to dust and crumbs.

Employees iFixit found in the MacBook Pro keyboard 2018, a membrane that protects it from falling debris, deducing keys from the system. Of course, they couldn’t resist and decided to test the keyboard of computers on-resistance.

As it turned out, Apple engineers have really done some serious work on the protection devices. Now dust and small debris into the keyboard not so bad for owners of branded laptops of the Corporation. However, the mechanism of the keyboard did not change. There is an additional layer of protection blocking the ingress of crumbs inside. But if they do somehow penetrate, and it is quite possible, if the user likes to eat bread or cookies in front of a computer.

In General, the MacBook Pro is much more stable than its predecessor, but this does not mean that it is devoid of problems completely. Therefore, computer owners should be careful.

Earlier, Apple filed a class action lawsuit due to the fact that the keyboard in their laptops too quickly failed. In this regard, Apple had to run maintenance free the new range of computers.


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