The state Duma in the third reading adopted the law on mandatory pre-installation of Russian software on smartphones, PCs and smart TVs, according to the website of the Parliament.

According to the document from July 1, 2020, the sale of the listed equipment without Russian will be banned. As the newspaper notes, The Bell, its informal call “the rule against Apple”, and the company has warned that could leave the Russian market.

“If this law is adopted, manufacturers of devices on iOS and other closed operating systems may leave the Russian market, they already talked about this. For them, Russia isn’t the biggest market, and they will not because it to change its policy. In the end, all their devices will get to Russia by an opaque, and will suffer from both the state and the users,” spoken on this occasion, the representative of Association RATEK Anton Guskov. Such concerns are supported and Minekonomiki, opposing the bill.

The authors of the document explained that this measure will help to support domestic producers. “Citizens will be able to use the gadgets without the need to install additional mobile applications and other programs”, — quotes “Kommersant” the words of the message of the state Duma.

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