In the explanatory note to the law States that it aims to provide Russian users unfettered access to the Internet and other communication services without the need to install additional applications. Besides buying sophisticated technical means people will not spend time searching for domestic programs.

One of the authors Oleg Nikolaev (“Fair Russia”) has previously noted that seeing a preset FOR foreign companies the Russian mistakenly thinks that the domestic producers have not created anything better. So he continues to use the programs that were offered to him initially.

Representatives of the Association of trading companies and manufacturers of consumer electronic and computer equipment (RATEK) opposed the bill. Experts say that it will create a number of problems. For example, the Russian market may disappear this phone because it is impossible to preinstall third-party applications. The producers of smartphones based on Andriod also in difficulties. Typically, companies enter into profitable agreements with software producers. If this balance changes, then the whole suffers, including consumers.

Moreover, the new law could lead to the escape of the Russian market of conscientious manufacturers. Their place will be equipment supplied to Russia illegally.

Fedor Karpov.


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