In the State Duma of the Russian Federation has reported that Apple has eliminated the bug in the app “Weather”, where the Crimean Peninsula is not shown in the service as a part of Russia. Officials reported on the successful negotiations with the “Apple” company and praised her desire to comply with Russian legislation.

Apple complied with the requirements of the Russian authorities and has made changes to the “Weather” — now the Republic of Crimea displays it as the territory of Russia, told journalists the head of the Duma Committee for security and combating corruption Vasily Piskarev.

“Today, they [Apple] reported that, we assume the error is resolved. The reflection in the Apple geoproducts is in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation”, — quotes Piskareva FAN.

According to him, negotiations about the bug in the “Weather” was conducted in the spring of this year, but was delayed due to the fact that the Russian representative office of Apple is only a “technical” feature.

“The office here they have more technical. Negotiations are carried out with the company, and the thought that our perplexity is justified. And today we see that the violations are eliminated,” — said the head of the Duma Committee.

Piskarev also stressed that his Committee will closely monitor the Apple services to prevent “bounce back” when Crimea will again display correctly. However, according to the Deputy, he did not see the “mistake” Apple politically motivated, as the company is a commercial organization.

Apple’s decision to comply with the requirements for displaying Crimea as part of the territory of the Russian Federation, said Chairman of the State Duma Committee on information policy, information technologies and communications Leonid Levin. This is stated in the press release received by “Газету.Ru”.

“One can only welcome the decision by Apple to bring in line the status of their map services the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation.

With this step the company has demonstrated the desire to maintain and develop its position in the Russian market.

It is noteworthy that mutual understanding was achieved without the use of administrative procedures in an open dialogue between Parliament and representatives of the company,” said Levin.

The state Duma drew attention to the fact that the Crimean city in the Apple app signed as a Ukrainian in the beginning of this year. Then, the committees on security and combating corruption and on information policy, information technologies and communications was instructed to look into the matter.

“Preinstalled in smartphones the Apple app “Maps” the city of Sevastopol is listed as Ukrainian territory (screen copy attached), which is unacceptable. On some gadgets of Apple, you similarly see the city of Simferopol”, — was stated in the written instructions.

In April, Vasily Piskarev and Leonid Levin met with the Director of open company “eppl Rus” Vitaly Moroz’ko, the results of which agreement was reached on the elimination of all discrepancies and bringing Apple services in accordance with the Constitution.

As a result, by may of 2019 in the “Maps” from Apple had fixed all the bugs and Crimea is shown as Russian territory. The deputies were claims to the service “Weather”, which was also eliminated by the end of November.

It should be noted that the uncertainty of ownership of the Crimea was observed by Google. So, last summer, the Federation Council, has noticed that Google Maps is signed, the Crimean bridge in two languages — Russian and Ukrainian. Closer to the Taman bridge signed in Russian and from the Western part “Krimsky Mist”.

In the Federation Council said that in this way the user Google “trying to sit on two chairs”, maintaining normal relations with Moscow, and Kiev.

In early 2019, it also became known that those who came to Google Maps of Russia, the Crimean Peninsula was designated as the region of the Russian Federation, and for users from other countries — as a disputed territory. In March, Google fixed this inaccuracy.

“We fixed a bug where a small portion of users of Google maps on devices with the iOS operating system saw the wrong information,” — said the press service of the company. Google also added that they will continue to make efforts to display the actual geographical boundaries.

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