What is this bill?

From November 1, entered into force the law on the Autonomous Internet, but apparently, the state Duma, it was not enough. On November 5, in the first reading was adopted the bill requiring electronics manufacturers to install on smartphones, computers and smart TVs Russian software. This amendments to the Federal law “On protection of consumer rights”.

The Parliament showed remarkable solidarity: the co-authors of the bill were representatives of all 4 parliamentary parties: “United Russia” — Vladimir Gutenev, Sergey Candyskin and Alex Kanayev;

LDPR — Sergey Zhigarev;

from “Fair Russia” — Oleg Nikolaev;

from the Communist party Alexander Yushchenko. This is not the first such initiative. Previously, such have offered the Federal Antimonopoly service, the Ministry of communications was ideas from individual members. According to unofficial information, the draft law was passed, entered the state Duma from “above” and is positioned as part of a strategy of “self-contained Runet.”

If the bill will finally, since July 1, 2020, all sold in Russia smartphones, computers and Smart TV will have to present the Russian program from the special list (it is approved by then).

For violation a fine of 200 thousand rubles (however, it is unclear — in one instance of a smartphone, in one modification, per model or just manufacturer directly).

By the way, before that proposed to introduce a fine of 1 million rubles.

What would happen if the law passes?

The deputies argue that the law is needed to give the Russians the opportunity to use the purchased equipment immediately, without the need to install additional software.

As you can tell, the statement is debatable — everyone has their own set of preferred programs, and install them very easily. One of the authors says that this will help elderly Russians.

Another goal, as the authors of the bill, is to protect Russian Internet companies. Interestingly, the list must be approved by the government. Obviously, this will free programs. The author of the bill referred to “public Services”, but then misspoke — said it was not accurate.

Generally, the authors want to smartphones installed search engines, antivirus software, mapping services, instant messengers and social networks. But even while it is not known what will be considered a Russian, and how many programs will be required to set manufacturers.

Especially the author of the bill Alexander Yushchenko stressed that it definitely is not about installing on smartphones of any programs that could monitor users and pass information to security forces.

What’s wrong with bill?

Perhaps the authors of the bill and the MPs themselves don’t fully understand what they did. Though different countries of the world and put forward some requirements, similar requirements in other jurisdictions does not yet exist.

Something similar happened in 2010, when the European Commission required Microsoft after you install Windows offer one of the few browsers to choose from.

The main opponent of the bill will, most likely, the Apple company, which generally does not support preloading any applications. This is due to the fact that the company is developing its own ecosystem and will not allow you to add in the installation package of the system with any third-party applications.

Most benefits will get most likely “Yandex”. But it looks strange — after all, the company registered in the Netherlands, and its founder Arkady Volozh is a citizen of Malta. Another IT giant, Mail.ru Group, is also registered outside the Russian jurisdiction in Cyprus.

What the Dutch “Yandex” best American “Google” — the authors of the bill are unlikely to be able to answer.

But the most questions is the fact that the deputies of the state Duma decided to create a competition completely uncompetitive ways. After all, if the Russian service is initially installed on the smartphone, it will be in a more privileged position than their foreign counterparts.

In other words, the bill changes the balance of power in the market of mobile services, providing significant benefits to applications from a specific list. What are the application and on what basis they will be selected, time will tell.

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