State Duma Deputy Alexander Starovoitov (LDPR) issued a request (“parliamentary newspaper”) to the head of the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) Igor Artemyev with the suggestion to check the activities of Apple and Samsung operating in Russia.

Starovoitov believes that they can use the software for performance of their smartphones, forcing citizens to buy a new one.

In his address, the Deputy recalled that recently, the Antimonopoly service of Italy has fined manufacturers Apple and Samsung a total of 15 million euros for the fact that they artificially decreased the performance of smartphones. Italian users have complained that the updates Samsung and Apple reduce the time of the old models and their functionality.

“Given the popularity of the phones above mentioned manufacturers on the territory of Russia, offering to consider the possibility of carrying out checks of their activities on the subject of violations of a similar nature,” wrote Starovoytov. The Deputy intends to appeal the FAS today.

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