The state Duma initiated in the smartphones of Apple and Samsung. The request will be sent to the CPS. MPs want to know whether there was intentional decreased performance smartphones to stimulate the purchase of new models.

Send a request to the office of the state Duma instructed the Committee on economic policy, industry, innovative development and entrepreneurship. By adopting this order, the deputies voted for the proposal of the representative of LDPR faction Alexander Starovoitova.

Citing data from the media, he told his colleagues that in Italy the listed company was fined 15 million euros. Such decision was accepted by results of checks on the speed of smartphones produced. It was reportedly established the fact of intentional use of the disadvantages of smartphones in order to stimulate the purchase of new models.

This is unacceptable from the point of view of Russian laws, said the Commission. Thus, it is necessary to check whether this algorithm in our country. He Starovoitov believes that is used. He cited data from the Russian FAS, according to which in the course of 2017 to the office on smartphones Apple has complained a large number of citizens.

The request is sent for the subsequent consideration of the matter in the courts stated in the document.

The state Duma, as previously reported, have initiated one more check to understand why the maps are Apple’s Russian Federal city of Sevastopol is listed as Ukrainian territory. In this regard, will prepare a request to the Prosecutor General.

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