The authorities don’t want to reinvent the wheel.

The state Duma has decided to adopt the experience of other countries in monitoring social networks. Authorities are looking for professionals who will be able to study system of monitoring of social networks abroad to apply foreign experience in Russia. To identify suitable experts, the state Duma has launched a contest, the winner of which will receive four million rubles for the work.

In the state Duma plan to develop the bill of legal regulation of social networks. To this end, officials want to study international experience and find out how other countries in General is the concept of “social network”. In particular, members wished to clarify whether the relationship between the terms “social network” and “public place”. This will depend on the principles of regulation of social networks.

Deputies stressed that 89% of Russians actively communicate on the Internet. In this regard, the country needs to introduce advanced regulations that will define the legal relationship between users in social networks. In the terms of reference of the contest stated that one of the key areas of legal regulation of social networks to “regulate the dissemination of information and exchange of data between users of social networks.”

The state Duma has launched a competition on 27 July, the winner will be announced on August 30th 2018.

Earlier it became known that the Russian authorities will follow for comments in social networks and answer them.

Source: Kommersant.


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