The modern world has made students as many bonuses and buns that poor hard to call. But the benefits so well hidden in the legislation and decrees that the young Bon vivant to get to them is difficult, and reluctance. We did it for you, and today, the Day of the student, explain that you can get for free, where to save and where not to pay at all.

Money: scholarships, pensions and cashback from the state

In addition to scholarships for academic progress the student may qualify for the payment, independent of grades in record book — most importantly, the session was closed. It is a social scholarship, she put the students in need of special care — orphans, children whose parents were deprived of rights to education, the disabled of the Chernobyl accident. The amount of social scholarships establishes a school, but a law adopted by a level below which fall not: 730 rubles for colleges and technical schools and 2010 rubles for universities.

The students who were left without breadwinners, expect to retire: 5180,24 of the ruble in the loss of one parent and 10 360,48 the loss of both or single mothers. To payment to obtain, you need to follow several conditions: full-time study, lack of formal work (except for military families — they can be combined) and age — pension for loss of breadwinner is paid to 23 years.

Students-platniki can return the money given for the study. You need to make a tax deduction. In the accounting Department or the Dean take the study agreement, a copy of the license, income certificate and receipt of payment of the semester. With this set come in the tax, fill out paperwork and wait — state will return 13% (but not more than 50 thousand rubles).

Besides, you can always apply for participation in contests and grants are no one will stop you.

Life: Dorm, academic and deferment

Area in a student dormitory in theory are available to everyone who needs it — no matter where a student from another city, or across the street. In practice, each institution sets the priorities according to which different people have different chances of settling. First and foremost, the hostel is given to orphans, disabled, end-of-contract. They also are exempt from the payment of utilities.

Don’t pay for gas, electricity, water and heating are others, but you need to obtain permission from the academic Council. The amount in the hostel charge for utilities should be no more than 5% of the scholarships.

Full-time students do not go to the army, even if they are masters or PhD students. The delay will remain if the student took a leave of absence, provided that in the University he’ll be back in a year or earlier. Akadem you can take all you want, but to be restored if expelled — only the first five years.

Pregnant students-Ocnita have the right to academic leave (140 days) and benefits: pregnancy (must apply to the Dean) with the registration (before 12 weeks) after the birth of a child — these payments can be made only once. Monthly child allowance is payable for six years.

Bread and circuses: a reduced fare and free Windows

Student ticket — ticket to the world of discounts and free entertainment. First, you can have free access to state and municipal museums. Secondly, benefits in zoos, cinemas, bowling alleys and other establishments — not free but cheaper than others. Thirdly, the discounts sellers give giants: Apple special price on computers and tablets, bargain Apple Music. Microsoft permits free download of its services and operating systems — Microsoft Imagine, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, Access, Visio, Project and so on. Developer of software modeling and design Autodesk offers AutoCAD and other programs for free. Adobe Creative you can get 60 percent discount.

With the student can be issued a reduced fare on public transport, or ride across Russia on trains and trains for half price. Benefits of Russian Railways effective 1 January to 31 may and from 1 September to 31 December, they do not apply to high-speed and high-speed trains numbered above 701. Students of colleges and vocational schools do not have to show a training certificate when buying a ticket, but it should be when boarding the train.

Another road in the fascinating world of discounts and bonuses — the international ISIC card, she’s guaranteed to more than 40 thousand discounts all over the world: as during travel, booking tickets and hostels and at home while shopping online. Card will come in handy if you plan a trip abroad: ISIC is valid in over 130 countries.

Learning vs. performance: alignment and relaxation

If studying in one faculty is not enough, the student can combine study in several offices or several universities at once — the law “On higher education” does not prohibit this.

If you urgently need somewhere to go, but on the nose session, it is possible to negotiate an early surrender. Get consent from the Dean, file a report, take a statement and forward to the exams. One hundred percent trick will work with contract soldiers, the remaining question is solved individually. As a rule, universities are going to meet students, nonresident students and those who Shine internship or business trip.

If you combine study and work, remember that you can go on vacation three times and keep the income. On the first and second year allowed 40 vacation days on the third and the following 50 days. The diploma is given prior to four months of training on the delivery Gosov — month. If the employee is only going to do this, the employer is obliged to grant unpaid leave for 15 days. But if the student is studying and working simultaneously on two works, indulgences may be used only in one company.

Workers have correspondence students and night-school students special privileges: they can ask a 7-hour working day or an additional day off in the week — as agreed with the employer. In this case, the employee will be paid half the average wage. Once a year external students may require the Manager to pay for travel to University and back, as well as to read out the time spent on the road, to release.

For the future: free training in the country and abroad

To the tower is still on target direction — the company not only pays for education of students but also provide him with accommodation and additional educational courses (even if they are paid). Is the student’s responsibility alone — to work after graduation as much as spelled out in the contract (but not less than three years).

The course is free to study abroad, after receiving the state grant. The Russian government will pay for round-trip tickets, accommodation, meals and medical insurance. For this the student needs to return home and to work.

How else to be in the study abroad and where waiting for the Russian students, read our review.

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