Edward Snowden is back in the spotlight: on the week he released his autobiography, and the United States presented to him in a civil suit.

The story of Snowden is known as a real detective, which took place in June 2013 in front of the whole world. Member of the American national security Agency (NSA) has been hiding from her all-powerful employer and the government, changing the country and the aircraft is not yet settled in Russia.

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Snowden book on store shelves in Germany// photo: Jörg Carstensen / dpa / Global Look Press

The fugitive and paranoid

Stealing more than a million secret NSA files showing spying on billions of users worldwide, Snowden flew to Hong Kong to tell the truth to journalists British The Guardian and the American Washington Post and to hide from the authorities of their country.

Footage of how the meeting took place at The Mira, formed the basis of the documentary Citizenfour (which is the name “Citizen Four” — chose ed to start communicating with journalists via encrypted messages via e-mail). When did the real meeting, the ex-NSA agent struck the sides total and, as they thought, absurd conspiracy, on which he insisted. Work with laptop under a dark cloak and wore it the camera looked like an extreme form of paranoia. However, after the Snowden information was made public, a large number of users in the world taped to their computers “eyes,” and the creators of the film during installation in Berlin has disabled all electronic devices in the room and hid mobile phones if they had to tell each other something at least partially confidential. Ed himself prefers long smartphone simple keypad mobile.

US influence in the world, though exaggerated by Russian propaganda, nevertheless undoubtedly great. In attempts to arrest Snowden the pressure was unprecedented and phenomenally arrogant. To get a fugitive agent, States include all their leverage. Upon learning that the fugitive in Hong Kong, they transmit the demand promptly to detain him and extradite to USA. Snowden left the hotel and disappeared out of sight: as it turned out, hid refugees from the Philippines and Sri Lanka. Local authorities are clearly stalling: on the one hand, refer to inaccuracies in the request of America, on the other, make it clear that asylum in Hong Kong, Snowden will not receive.

The former agent takes a ticket to Havana via Moscow. Exhaling in relief, the Hong Kong authorities to let him fly on June 23. U.S. secret service reigns hysteria: it turns out that the States that raised the ears of the whole diplomatic corps to catch a daring glasses, do not make such a simple procedure, such as revocation of his passport.

The document is void when Edward is already in the air on the way to Moscow. Sheremetyevo is crawling with reporters, but Snowden nowhere to be found. On a connecting flight to Havana press buy tickets to fly with him, but the plane leaves without the fugitive: the place of the 17A, on which he registered, left empty and disappointed wags just have to create a Twitter account on behalf of the vacant seats and to conduct a “report”. It turns out that the US government put pressure on Cuba, and she telegraphed to Moscow that will not allow the landing Board of “Aeroflot”, if it will be Snowden.

A 29-year-old boy, trapped, almost like the hero of “the Extraordinary adventures of Italians in Russia”, between heaven and earth, holds in the transit area of the Sheremetyevo airport for five weeks.

Snowden is not the first and not the last: six of the most famous prisoners of the transit areas of airports

Russia is also not happy with suddenly dumped on her the disturber of world peace, which is signaled by “partners,” foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. During this time at the airport noticed the car of the Ambassador of Ecuador (the country at that time had granted asylum to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who actively advocated for Snowden).

And in early July in Moscow on the gas forum arrives the President of Bolivia, Evo Morales. Answering questions of journalists, Morales expressed readiness to give asylum to Edward. On the night of July 3, he flies back home, but Portugal, France, Italy, Spain close to the presidential plane air space, and he forcibly sits in Vienna. There Morales ‘ plane… search.

Unprecedented humiliation and violation of basic diplomatic rules, however, does not give the result desired “Citizen Four” on Board. Snowden agrees to Putin “to stop its work aimed to damage our American partners, strange as it may sound from my mouth”, and remains in Russia.

The lawyer said that Snowden did not want to give asylum because of the refusal to work with the FSB

Human rights activist and philosopher

Snowden — a man, to put it mildly, unusual for the world of intelligence. In this environment, taken strictly obey discipline, not to give vent to their own ideas of right/wrong and legality/illegality of what they’re doing. Pereverbovki, outbidding spies, double agents — the other side of the coin, but also a long time classic of the genre. But Snowden…

Seeing that secret us PRISM system allows the US government almost one-button to access personal correspondence (e-mail, sms, calls, messages in social networks, search queries) of any person in the world, he thought about how it corresponds to the ethics and how global effects in the relationship between the citizen and the authorities can cause.

Formally, PRISM was created to combat terrorism. Snowden on the experience of the NSA made sure that access to the databases is constantly used for very different purposes: acrodermatitis blackmail, provide US advantages on the meetings of the group of seven/group of eight/twenty. Using the PRISM monitor and businessmen, and diplomats, and presidents, and the adulterer. The system allows you too just to learn about the weaknesses of each, and all global IT players (Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook, YouTube) was part of it and collect information about us. In recent years, Snowden has repeatedly accused Facebook of spying for users.

In our pockets we carry sensors that track our location wherever we go… Only privacy enables us to freely decide who we are and who we want to be, Snowden told the British channel 4, which chose him as the hero of the project “Alternative Christmas message” in December 2013.

This kind of discrimination is a violation of fundamental rights. But more and more countries, not only the US doing it. I wanted to give a chance to the society to decide where it will hold its borders, he confirmed his beliefs in 2017 in an interview with Spiegel.

Just when it was about 35 States in which we operate such a system. It would be naive to believe that like trying to deal with the Russian special services. Attempts Roskomnadzor to put the Internet under tight control, to keep information only on Russian servers — evidence of this. The reason the same mantra about the need to combat terrorism. It is no coincidence Snowden posed the question today is trying to give answers squeezed out of Russia, the founder of VK and Telegram, Pavel Durov, creating not dependent on the governments of the communication system.

Snowden is smart and well read. Is interested in philosophy and Buddhism. Agnostic. A man with a rod: staked a salary of 200 thousand dollars a year, peace, freedom, and even life, only for mankind to understand that Orwell’s 1984 is finally on the doorstep. But this rod is still clear not all.

“Snowden is not a traitor. He did not betray the interests of his country, he didn’t give another country the information that would impair its people. But if I were asked, right this [what he did] or not, my answer is that no,” — said Vladimir Putin in an interview with Oliver stone, who directed the explanation of this whole Saga into a film. As President of the country, pemirolast with the US, Putin surely felt satisfaction from the failure of the NSA. But as a scout can neither accept nor understand such a thing. The most unpleasant would be the emergence of a Russian Snowden.

Break the pattern and feel ed. On the one hand, Russia has rescued and sheltered him. On the other, this is clearly not a country whose image is correlated with his convictions. He is eager to continue his public activities, but all attempts to change the location, for example, in Switzerland, have so far failed.

Edward now 36. Residence permit in Russia, it was extended until 2020. He secretly lives among us, it is regularly visited by parents and girlfriend Lindsay mills. Already well said in Russian, and according to the lawyer Anatoly Kucherena, going to museums, theatres, traveling. Assange, everything turned out less rosy: seven years of isolation in a room at the Embassy in London, and in the end still arrest. The day of the arrest of Julian associate ed called “a black day for press freedom”.

The prisoner the General information warfare: what will happen to Julian Assange

Under American law, Edward Snowden is a criminal. But for freedom-loving people of the new generation he is undoubtedly a hero of our time. Six months ago, the 500 seats in the lecture hall of the Sorbonne was demolished Parisian students during the three minutes after it became known that the rebel agreed to speak via video link from Moscow. And behind another 7000 applicants.

Whether Snowden will ever read in America, like Martin Luther king, which broke the previous unjust system, or he will remain a traitor, made the dirty linen in public? Only time will tell.

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