The young man from Australia has repeatedly staged attacks on Apple servers. Of the Corporation from Cupertino had to resort to the help of the FBI to take down the young hacker. It is reported by TheAge.

The latest hacking attempt was particularly successful. The teenager was able to download 90 GB of protected files and gained access to customer accounts, Apple. These documents were discovered on a home computer hacker in the folder “Hacky hack” during a police RAID. Also, law enforcement officers seized two laptop, smartphone and hard disk.

Young people from Melbourne are well known in the hacker community. He said he decided to hack into Apple because is a big fan of the Corporation.

The Australian police became interested in boys when they received a request from the FBI, which, in turn, asked Apple representatives soon after the discovery of the burglary.

According to the investigation, the hacker managed to pick up a perfectly working encryption keys for access to the information Apple. The company was asked not to disclose what data was stolen, since it attaches great importance to the protection of privacy.

The young hacker admitted his guilt and is awaiting a court decision, which will be announced within a month.


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