Apple commented on the situation with the invasion of their systems 16-year-old Australian schoolboy. The Corporation has hastened to assure that no customer data was not compromised.

Recall that the 16-year-old from Melbourne broke into the mainframe of American technogiant. With this, it has been downloaded 90 GB of sensitive data of the company.

As soon as Apple learned about the incident, representatives of the Corporation immediately contacted the FBI, which referred the request to the Australian Federal police (AFP).

Law enforcement visited the house of the young man black hat, seizing his computer equipment. The confidential files were found in the folder and the name “hacky hack hack”.

Also the investigation it became known that the teenager boasted of their “achievements” in WhatsApp messenger.

“We want to assure our customers that none of their personal data was not compromised during this incident”, — said the representative of Apple.

The Australian Federal police at the moment, refused any comment. The suspect’s name is not disclosed, because it has not reached the age of majority.


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