Smartphones are getting larger, but people no longer are. If our hand can be used to use the gadget in different sizes, the pockets in our jeans can only be torn. It turned out that already today most of the pockets in women’s jeans can’t accommodate the iPhone X.

The study was published in The Pudding. It was conducted by Ian diem and amber Thomas. They measured the pockets 20 popular brands of apparel manufacturers, including Levi’s, Old Navy and Tommy Hilfiger. It turned out that only 40 percent of the pockets of women’s jeans can fit iPhone X.

Actually, the pockets are so small that in 90 percent of cases, the woman can’t fit them in your hand. Pockets in men’s jeans more than twice. iPhone X placed them in 100 percent of cases.

Women use handbag. If they prefer a Samsung Galaxy S9, it is even more likely. Smartphone from the South Korean company is placed in 20 percent pockets.

If you are interested in other details of the study can see the details in The Pudding. Discuss what you see in our Telegram chat.


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