That promotes the voice of Keanu Reeves and what is intelligence Stepashky? This and many other questions in our monthly collection of commercials.

Metaphors in the style of “interstellar”, surrealism and “Keanu Reeves” in the campaign, Saatchi & Saatchi Russia HoegaardenПеред the Agency’s task was not just to make this demo and to talk about the recipe and to convey the distinctive taste of Hoegaarden non-Alcoholic in a non-standard key. So instead of the typical frames with the filling product and macro photography of the ingredients, the team came up with the metaphor in the style of “Interstellar”: the butterfly is peel, star replace spices.

Traditional beer advertising interiors of the brewery could not convey rich and deep taste of the Hoegaarden 0.0. It took the whole universe, the milky way and surrealism, inspired by fantasy and narration, voiced by Keanu Reeves in “the Matrix”.

More dancing: the Agency Rivalty in the rhythm of hip-hop on the set of the video for the Shoe brand “kotofey” is a popular Russian brand of shoes for kids, known to all parents. But few know that the brand has another line of shoes for Teens.

Together with the Agency “Rivalty” the brand has released a modern, dynamic, dance promotional video for teenagers, boldly asserting itself. Directed by Dmitry Bogdanov.

Dance, fashion tracks, flips and friendship in the video has it all. The shooting took place actively with the rhythms of modern hip-hop surrounded by creative and tireless youth, actively igniting any bits.

Campaign #HugMeBelt in honor of 60 anniversary of the three-point safety belt from Volvo Car Russia Social advertising campaign #HugMeBelt (from the English. “hold me, strap”) urges users of social networks to take care of loved ones, reminding them of their own selfie of the cars on the need to always wear a seat belt.

Campaign #HugMeBelt encourages social media users to post their selfie with my seat belt on and celebrate their friends and relatives, reminding us of how important it is to wear seat belts.

Raiffeisenbank and MullenLowe Moscow has launched a campaign to promote card cashback #setresolution advantage card #secreto Raiffeisenbank cashback on all purchases. That is, wherever you buy, cashback card #SaSaZu will be on absolutely everything — on this and on that, and then… This simple formulation, and formed the basis of the idea of the campaign.

To illustrate the advantage of the map and stand out from the competition — choose the format of the video clip for which was written by the original music track. The plot of the movie the character is in the entourage of the scenery, referring to the most popular categories of cashback and recalls that the cashback card #SaSaZu will be on absolutely everything — this and this and that. Especially for filming the artists came up with and produced dozens of art objects from the pattern of the small cups to huge, above human growth, a polygon unicorn.

In the online version of the movie the heroine has gained the name Inna, becoming a symbol of cashback on everything.

Phil and Stepashka starred in advertising InstamartСервис grocery delivery Instamart launched its first TV campaign on television. It is designed to tell you about the benefits of food deliveries to house key audience of the service — parents and young mothers.

In the video of hungry piggy and Stepashka looking at your watch waiting for Fili, who is returning from the store Laden with bags and tired of traffic jams and queues. Smart Stepashka offers friends order the products in Instamart. A promotional video shows the benefits of grocery delivery to the house, and its main slogan “taking care about time” emphasizes the mission Instamart “to save time and effort for something more important.”

Adrenaline Rush introduced the remake of the songs of Tsoi and music videos on “heroes night”In honor of the launch of the new campaign, along with musician Mujuice redefined the sound of the song of Viktor Tsoi “good night”.

About his work, which does not stop even after sunset, said ordinary people: staff emergency and traffic services, train conductors, factory workers, truck drivers. They, the real people were the main heroes of the clip. For example, knowing that Victor Tsoi at one time worked in the boiler room, the video Director Murad Nogmov, offered to show the story of a fireman, which gave an additional Association with the history group.

Team taught Tele2 subscribers to share gigabytes without granicu the new commercial team teaches Tele2 subscribers to send Internet traffic across Russia. The operator re-establishes a “different rule”: now transfer gigabytes of free and easy can not only subscribers of the region, and Tele2’s customers across the country.

The new promotional video is already familiar to the viewer “training Center customers.” Platform for the filming of the video was the headquarters of the operator at the office Park Comсity. The plot of the instructors of the team once again conducted Tele2 subscribers training — train them to send gigabytes to those who need them.

Coca-Cola launches a major campaign legendary VanillaВ part of a campaign Coca-Cola Vanilla is scheduled to participate popular among the young audience of influencers: models, photographer and writer Sasha Borisovoi, makeup artist and beauty blogger Gevorg and the Creator of the popular fashion portal Voguediary Christine Kiria.

Communication campaign Coca-Cola Vanilla consists of two stages: July 15, 2019, we launched the first phase in which Coca-Cola Vanilla appeared in a memorable new year images.

“When we asked Teens what they associate Coca-Cola Vanilla, they’re called cupcakes, ice cream, summer, childhood, sweets, and do what you can to pamper yourself, says brand Manager Coca-Cola Malgorzata Budnik. — This idea we have built a summer campaign with the slogan: “Discover your Coca-Cola Vanilla”. We would like to invite teenagers in “vanilla country” — a place that they will want to show in Instagram”.

“The Bank is in the rhythm of your life”: “Renaissance Credit” launched an image advertising campanius through a new advertising campaign “the Renaissance the Credit” reports that is a dynamic and reliable partner in any situation ready to help their clients in resolving the most pressing financial issues.

The campaign covers 10 cities and is only on TV.

Dracula with the moon on the palm: MTS advertises Honor 20По to the script of the movie, Khrustalev falls into the Gothic castle, where he meets Dracula and entertains him photographing on the phone. It shows that the phone is well shot in night time.

The count learns that, contrary to its opinion, it looks pretty good in the photos, and trying new genres. Dracula is photographed with people as with food and also makes typical images of the man with the sun in the palm of your hand (due to the specifics of vampire life instead of sun — moon). Read more on Sostav.

Manifest Haval F7: to change the unfair rules that prevails in modern goodinternetmoney team of five agencies BBDO Group developed the launch of new models and promotion car brand HAVAL in Russia.

The key idea of the project: Haval F7 defy the rules. It reveals the mission of the brand in Russia — to change the status quo in the industry. Read more on Sostav.

Simple situations and “non-classical” perspectives, “Sunrise” has launched an advertising campaign residential rayonov the plot of each video simple situation we encounter every day, recognizable surroundings of the residential area and “non-classical” perspectives. The creators created the impression that the viewer as if spying on the villagers and not watching the ads.

The voice-over comments on what is happening, somewhere, admiring the characters, and then poking fun at them. Read more on Sostav.

“Tinkoff mobile” launched the campaign, which decided all problems polzovateley the cellular market “Tinkoff mobile” decided to occupy the niche of “most elaborate mobile operator”.

As its mission, the company not only announces the decision of many typical problems users have during their service from competitors, but also offers them new possibilities that they never knew existed. Read more on Sostav.

The creators told Marvelous about the organic coffee Paulig in commercials with real farmerama video series, farmers show how they are grown and harvested by hand the coffee beans, explaining what is organic coffee. The advertisement was used to interview farmers and Amateur photos and videos that the locals were off on their smartphones. Read more on Sostav.

Where there are no roads: Samsung has released a new video campaign #DoWhatYouCantНа YouTube channel Samsung Russia released a documentary film Leo Baladeva and Agency Zebra Hero about the inventor Alex Garagashian. The video is a continuation of the global campaign #DoWhatYouCant.

About Alexei Garagashian all talking a few years ago, when social networks there was a video he created the SUV, who confidently overcame the swamp, snowy roads and even a lake covered with thin ice. The car even got into Top Gear. Read more on Sostav.

Lay’s left with Egor Creed after his departure from Black Star and ran with it a new kampaniya the plot of the video Yegor Creed, like a girl coming out of the supermarket with a bag of chips. She too quickly got in the car and left, and the singer had only one thing left — to find her in social networks. Read more on Sostav.

Contrapunto and “Beeline” reported on a trade-in in a new video with Olga Kuzmina”What’s the password?” — refers to the hero movie Olga Kuzmina. The guy does not understand what was going on, and Olga says that she wanted to update the splash screen of the new smartphone, because he’s already half belongs to hero video. Read more on Sostav.

“Lebedev Studio” adverted cold coffee in the crazy solicitiation was necessary to do the refreshing and invigorating roller for coffee to cold-brew, which can be purchased in Cafeterias. The plot is exciting telephone conversation of the father and the son. Read more on Sostav.

“Yandex. Money” and Marvelous launched a campaign of prank-rolikovy the idea is based on the metaphor of “the awakening of man and the awakening of the purse.” The video shows different ways how you can Wake up a person. Read more on Sostav.

OPPO and BREAD has removed the ads-parody of K-Oratory played with the brand name to convey to the audience the relationship between OPPO and Russian “Oops!”. This interjection usually expresses amazement. The concept is to introduce a new product through the prism of the concept of “OPA!”, to focus on innovation and user experience of the smartphone. Read more on Sostav.

Translate Nana in Internet: Tele2 and McСANN continued a social campaign with the grandmothers and educationally movie actualizes the problem of the inability of older people to use modern technology. It shows the real heroes — grandchildren and grandmothers. If the first used to solve all of their everyday tasks online, the second are forced to ask for help even payment receipts. Read more on Sostav.

The Clients spoke about the positive side of bankruptcy in the commercials for “savings”Commercials represent entrepreneurs in the image of the Emperor or commander, who now has the opportunity to focus on ambitious business goals, not waste your precious time on troubled assets or settlement with the debtors bankrupt. Read more on Sostav.

The noise of the party: a promotional video for Essa was created in Russia and Argentinidae campaign “the Noise of the party in every bottle!” was dictated by the product itself. The characters in the movie is the audience of the brand itself, bright young girls who love partying with friends, rhythm and drive. The selected musical composition complements the overall emotional atmosphere of the party. Read more on Sostav.

Leo Burnett Moscow said that “Doodle” in a new video for “McDonald’s”Who knows about the chicken more than the housewife with 20 years of experience, which does not limit itself to cooking chicken schnitzel and soup, and is able to blanch, sauté, make it into fajitas and a quesadilla? Such expert surprise not everyone can do, and when he puts the highest score for your dish — it’s priceless, tell the creators. Read more on Sostav.

Banker? The artist? Vet? IKEA and Instinct launched a campaign on the main lugacompany IKEA launches ad campaign “Learn to play”, which deals with multifunctional solutions for children’s rooms, allowing each child to learn and play according to their interests. Read more on Sostav.

Print boa and left pupil: “Post Bank” and Instinct took the survey on their own reklamow overview video the viewer learns that every detail of roller — print sneakers, the position of the feet, light in your pocket, etc. — hides behind a big idea. Read more on Sostav.

“Cucumber vibe”: “the Crossroads” and Blacklight released a music album DachaСупермаркет “Crossroads” released a mini-album, with six tracks already available on the streaming services Apple Music, VK Music and “Yandex. Music”.

A band called “Overload” in my first album Dacha celebrates in his odes to summer holidays, revealing the joys and challenges familiar to every fan to spend a weekend away from the city. Read more on Sostav.

Corgi ride on a skateboard in the new advertising campaign Amupdate video talks about the summer promotion in which when you purchase the flagship smartphone users are getting this watch.

This offer is so amazing that the creative team had the idea to use the image, which is also hard to believe until you see: Corgi on a skateboard. Read more on Sostav.

“Beeline” and Contrapunto released movie-the horoscope in the new companionway advertising advertising campaign in support of unlimited Internet is aimed at all — for Maidens, Cancers, Taurus and the other zodiac signs. The main role in the new video were performed by Alexander Revva. Read more on Sostav.

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