Bilingual approach

In Europe because of the diversity of languages most companies typically use a bilingual approach to advertising: outdoor advertising on TV are present in the national language, and Internet advertising — at both the national and English. Small companies in the consumer sector localized by country.

In Russia, as a rule, all advertising campaigns are conducted in Russian language.


I ran into this while working on the online campaign for app Beat Hawk company UVI. We shot an inspirational commercial on the English language.

The video was broadcast in the United States and almost all European countries. The result of the first wave showed that in countries where public (or vysokoparnym) language was English, the movie succeeded. In countries with low level of English, the situation was reversed. As a result, we have translated the movie into French, Italian and Spanish, which has allowed us to dramatically improve the results of the advertising campaign.

The market of online retail, of course, has not yet reached such a high level, as in America, but it is much higher than the Russian.

In Europe almost meet the person who will carry a TV home from the store, since the stores are not profitable to keep a large stock.

It will be cheaper to bring the same TV to the home buyer, even for free. In Germany it is absolutely normal to rent a car online and get a discount.

Focus on the benefit

In online retail it is important to consider consumer behavior. For example, in Russia buyers always check the prices, compare them on various web resources. In Europe more attention is paid to the properties of products and their practicality.

For example, if you come to the salon to buy a car, there primarily will focus on its efficiency: tells how much money you will spend on its maintenance. So it is with housing: when choosing an apartment or house in Europe, the sellers focus on saving your money — will talk about the benefits of energy efficient homes.

In the Nielsen study “Changing Consumer Prosperity” 51% of respondents said the functionality of goods and 42% — a great design. European consumers almost always trust a set price. This is due to the economic level of development of individual European countries.

Advertising on TV
In Europe TV is localized geographically. There is no unified popular “First channel”, which I see everything. In addition, the TV advertising market in most European countries is under pressure.

Audiences want new platforms and devices, making it difficult to broadcasters simultaneous mass reach. And major online platforms such as Netflix, Apple TV, Amazon Tv, Hulu, compete for audience and provide serious competition for classic TV.

In the future, advertising on TV is similar to context: digital TV will analyze the information about customers (gender, age, Hobbies, how many and what time you are watching TV) and issue advertising on relevant data.

Advertising in European Newspapers is more practical, since the press is also localized. Even in the French national newspaper advertising will be different depending on the region.

Online channels

Among online channels in Europe, Facebook dominates as the most actively used social network among residents. So Facebook is the main channel for promotion in Europe.

In addition, the large role played by Google Adwords. Well, the future course of YouTube, due to active growth of video content consumption in Europe. In Russia, however, most of the audience uses “Vkontakte” and Instagram.

Another key area of growth is audio advertising services, podcasts and streaming music. It is expected that by 2023 it will become a market worth a billion euros.

According to PwC, by 2017 in Russia 63% of respondents use smartphones to make purchases.

In the near future in Europe as in the US, non-programmable advertising will be a thing of the past. And programmable, as shown in the statistics will be the driving force of future growth of digital advertising, and by 2023 the proportion of first is significantly reduced.

I for example have experienced the efficiency of the use of programmable advertising through Virool, one of the largest American platforms programmable advertising while working on a campaign to promote the video clip of the singer Edgine.

Tools Virool allowed to reduce the cost of the show several times and greatly enhance the effect of viral distribution. It was more than four and a half million hits is a good result for YouTube in 2013 this format and spent the budget on promotion.

In General, the online advertising market Europe repeats the development of the US market, where programmable is is already more than 90%. Russia in this field far behind.

Where to start?

The answer to this question depends on the scope of activities. If we consider for example, a local small business restaurant or shop desserts on the French Riviera, the optimum will be a mix of social networking and local press. There every town has its own newspaper, which is read by local residents. There are regional Newspapers, is also not very expensive. It all depends on coverage and audience.

On the same French Riviera because of the large number of Russians who do not speak French, there is Russian mass media (magazines, who publish in Monaco). They are extremely popular among advertisers, mainly for the real estate industry, entertainment and luxury rental — expensive cars, yachts.

Overall, Internet marketing Europe, there are no significant differences from the USA or Russia, so I’m not going to talk about the importance of mapping was projected, and targeting tests. Stop at the nuance with which I was faced in one of his cases.

It is very important to use a regional language. This may seem a bit provocative, but sometimes the English language can become the enemy of social media in Europe, despite the fact that most of the population speaks several languages and in most cases speak English.

Advertising campaign less effective in English than in local languages. The big brands, because of the amount of coverage, do not give it value, but if every lead and you’re a small company, you have to think about it.

I ran into this problem while working on an advertising campaign for UVI BeatHawk app. It detailed localization has led me to success in 20 European countries, and the app became the top sales in the App Store.

About the European trends in Internet marketing

In my opinion, now the most relevant two trends.

The move toward greater personalization. It gives brands the opportunity to create meaningful connections through social networks, appealing to the sincerity. 2019 is the year when the “big idea” starts to lose its importance. Brands will move from the common content that fits all the information that is dynamically generated for the person in real time.

Today brands use their social channels to “just selling products”. But in the near future in Europe that will not be enough for the consumer. He’ll need a real conversation with the brand, he needs to feel his closeness.

Transparency and “trudnosti”. In our complex political and social climate, buyers are looking for brands that conform to the values matching their own. Europeans all share the philosophy less luxury and more interested in the possibility of “common values.” Brands that can demonstrate emotional empathy for his audience, will receive long-term loyalty. Now they have to build their activities on an emotional promise to customers.

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