American label World Media Alliance earns money through iTunes through song, which presumably belong to several Metropolitan authors. “Extreme” in this situation, was a musician from the Kuzbass town of Belovo.

Suburban journalists drew attention to the fact that in service for devices from Apple iTunes as a paid download posted album, which set a Sergei White. Among his songs were works written and performed by other people.

So, the chief editor of “Moscow today” Ilya Popov, engaged in singing, found in the list of the unofficial anthem of the Moscow region. Moreover, the track he performed himself, and not White. Other tracks, for some strange reason to be in the list, became anthems of several suburban cities, as well as compositions of group “Tender may”, “trees” and other performers. As it turned out, the creation of “their” songs the man has nothing.

The writer found out that Mr White, whose face is pictured on the cover of the album, is a 58-year-old singer from Kuzbass with disabilities. The native of Beebe access iTunes does not have (because of lack of money to pay for the Internet) for songs in the Network puts the label WMA. Thus, according to the musician, for three years, he never received any royalties from the transferred to the Americans creativity.

In 2016 my social networks was written by the Director of the label World Media Alliance (WMA) George Sergeev. Said he really liked my songs and he wants to help me to monetize them. I sent him two of his album. And then I saw that Sergeyev said something wrong to my songs and added others. I did not understand, explained the Kuzbass resident.

Representatives of the Russian author’s society (RAS) told the press that they have received many complaints on the WMA. The organization noted that the rightholder has the right to bring the perpetrators not only to civil but also criminal liability.

— We have received complaints related to its (company — approx. ed.) activities. Regarding this situation, if a person gives someone else the music, that it is a wrongful act, defined by article 159 of the criminal code (“Fraud”), — explained the publication in wounds.

In turn, the songwriters registered to iTunes in Kuzbass musician, told the newspaper that they will defend their interests in court.

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