The new iPhone turned out to be a real hit on the Russian market and global. Apple even decided to increase the production of new products by 10%. However, experts are already sounding the alarm: all this can lead to problems for the manufacturers of processors and graphics cards for computers.

With the increased production you get about 8 million of additional devices, each of which is built on the platform A13 Bionic, made for 7-nm process. These chips for Apple creates TSMC. But the company from Cupertino is not the only client of the producer: he also delivers a 7-nm chips for both AMD and Nvidia.

Experts believe that the increase in orders for A13 Bionic will lead to the fact that the terms of producing of the chips for these companies will increase. And this, in turn, create shortages of both CPU and GPU. TSMC, however, plans to increase its production capacity, but it can happen later than the problems will be felt.

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