Analysts MIDiA Research concluded that the success of the major streaming services, which will start operating in 2019, will largely depend on a good start and proper positioning in the market, than from activity not yet covered audience.

During the market research streaming platforms, operating on the principle D2C (promotion and selling of products directly to the consumer) specialists MIDiA Research explored the characteristics of the positioning of the “big three” preparing to launch first in the us market, then on international streaming platforms from companies Disney (Disney+), Apple (Apple TV+) and Warner Media (platform name not yet known).

Each player has its own strategic motivation to work by D2C and its own special benefits which the company will apply in the promotion and development of the market of streaming video.

In the case of Disney+ is the value of the brand, on huge world popularity which the company builds strategy. Advantage Apple MIDiA Research consider the effect of network benefits: streaming content will be distributed by a developed company ecosystem, as it successfully performs Amazon. Thanks to the excellent sales of smartphones and other products, the success of the new service Apple will not fundamentally depend on generated revenue.

Upcoming service from Warner Media will become a formidable competitor for the above-mentioned and other streaming platforms through integration into the ecosystem of the holding company AT&T that will effectively attract subscribers and advertising budgets. However, the study authors note that awareness of the main and subsidiary brands (HBO, Warner Bros, Turner Networks) at risk of decline due to the fact that all assets will be collected on a single platform.

SOURCE: Rapid TV News

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