Trade wars and Brexit, the Iranian nuclear deal, Syria and, of course, the possibility of returning of Russia in the G8 and other global issues discussed at the summit “the Big seven”, which started in the French Biarritz. Particular attention during training was paid to the safety leaders circle thousands of police, riot police, blocked the road. Summit are trying to disrupt the anti-globalists, and “yellow jackets.” Dozens of demonstrators were detained.

The sound of drums, slogans in Spanish, French, Basque, each group has different requirements, but all 9 thousand people — against the summit “the Big seven”.

17 people were detained. Three Germans have been sentenced to real terms two and three months in prison — and ban on entry to France.

The police and without having exhausted the stock “yellow jackets” — 46 suicides among guards over the last six months. No time off and holidays. On the summit again thrown all forces — to provide security in the resort and around the city in high season is not easy.

“There is a strong separatist sentiments of the Basques, the configuration of the city is also difficult: on the one hand — the sea, and all pressed to the waters on the other side of the mountain, little porches. Here, the anti-globalists, anarchists, hooligans — all those who Express their opinion through violence,” — said the Deputy head of the police Union, Olivier Reverdy.

The “big seven” itself, as a lame duck. Merkel is preparing to retire, Johnson’s only care about Brexit, Italian Prime Minister Conte has already retired, canadian, Trudeau was involved in a major political scandal at home, the head of the European Council Donald Tusk after a month will leave his post, but it insists on the invitation at the next summit Ukraine instead of Russia.

How to enter in the club of the largest economies in the world, countries with the most political weight, are mired in debt Ukraine is a question which remained unanswered. And the French “Le Figaro” just publishes the results of the survey: 80% of French people for the restoration of the G8 format with Russia. It is also him and trump, who began with bilateral meetings and the dispute: the Americans are threatening to impose a duty of French wines in response to the digital tax for the American Google, Apple and Amazon.

Donald trump is in his repertoire. He is the only wanted to fly to Bordeaux, saying that Biarritz too short for his plane runway, but at the last minute his plans changed.

The main intrigue — whether will hatch the trump to end all three days or leave early as it was last time. Just in case the French side for the first time in the history of the meetings decided to abandon the joint communiqué — the outcome will not be simple. Too different positions on trade agreements, climate change and other international issues, including Iran.

Activists have made a movie parody, where he collected the statements of each of the leaders that we must fight against inequality — this main theme is stated at the summit. In fact, the situation is reversed, the activists claim and spend their alternative summit a few kilometers from the luxury hotel in the centre of the empty Ghost town.

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