The laser system used in the iPhone X to create Animoji, can provide broadband Internet access to the city and the whole country.

A group of researchers from Europe has invented a new method of transmission, through which one can get rid of any delays and failures in the network.

The basis of the Face ID lies inexpensive surface-emitting laser with a vertical resonator, generating energy efficient infrared radiation. According to scientists, it can be used to transfer data at up to 112 terabits per second.

The creators of the technology believe that in the future their development will help to make the Internet much cheaper and more affordable in all respects. They also noted that such a solution is necessary the world of the future, as soon existing technology to support becomes too expensive.

Now these vertically-emitting lasers are used to transmit data over short distances under laboratory conditions. Specialists are working to implement the technology on a larger scale.


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