18-year-old from Germany has discovered a serious security problem in the latest release of Apple’s operating system macOS. The essence of the vulnerability lies in the possibility of the disclosure of stored passwords malicious applications.

Thus, the attacker can gain access to your credentials from services such as Amazon, Netflix, Slack, and also from Bank accounts.

Despite the fact that it is exclusively a bug Mac, thanks to iCloud keychain passwords synchronized iPhone can also be at risk.

Unfortunately, it seems that Apple currently doesn’t even work on a patch for this vulnerability. Found hole teenage Linus Henze has decided not to disclose his discovery Apple.

His position, he explained to Forbes the absence of an acceptable remuneration for such vulnerabilities.

Henze found that it can create a special application that can read everything stored in the keychain. With the permission of the owner of the computer is not required.

“All you need is to run a simple application,” explained the teenager.

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