The name of a young hacker is not disclosed, it is specified only that he lives in Adelaide. As reported by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), teen first hacked Apple’s servers in December 2015, then did it again in early 2017. He didn’t act alone — he was helped by another teenager from Melbourne. The Aussie managed to download the internal documents of the company and “other data”, which is not disclosed.

In court it was noted that hacker young showed “a high level of training” in the field of information technology. The teenager set up a fake data, and was able to fool the protection system of Apple, who took him for one of the employees of the company.

Australian lawyer mark Twiggs argued that his client had no idea that his actions will bring serious consequences: “When this started, he was 13 years old. He hoped that when it opens, it will offer to work in the company”. According to the lawyer, such idea of the teenager brought a similar case in Europe when a burglar really picked the Apple.

The court ultimately released the young hacker on bail of $500 and with the condition of good behavior for nine months. “Use your talents for good and not for evil,” the teenager admonished the judge.

Apple declined to comment after the verdict and referred to its old press release: the company claimed that its experts have recorded the break-in, confined the action of the attacker and appealed to law enforcement agencies. ABC notes that Apple as a result of two break-ins systems have not suffered financial losses, the company’s intellectual property is also not affected.

The accomplice of a teenager from Melbourne was also sentenced to probation in September last year, writes Gizmodo. During the searches on his computer found a folder with 90 GB of stolen files.

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