The head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov said that this year the Agency will verify the social network TikTok on compliance with the Russian legislation. The authorities of some countries impose service certain claims.

About this Zharov told RIA “news” on the sidelines of the SPIEF-2019.

“We’ll have (checks ed.), of course, look, look… I’ve thought about this, have a closer look at this service to see”, — said the head of Roskomnadzor.

The press Secretary of Department Vadim Ampelonskiy has told TASS that the content of the social network will be checked during the month.

“Roskomnadzor initiated a comprehensive analysis of the content of the service TikTok for the presence of pornography and other prohibited in Russia information, Systematic observation will last at least a month,” he said.

Ampelonskiy said that the reason for the test were treatment as ordinary citizens and media reports.

“In these appeals we are signaled about the presence of a TikTok primarily candid video involving minors. We are going at the expert level to check whether such content to the boundaries defined in the law,” he explained.

The popular service was originally planned as a platform for publishing videos and karaoke, and was called Douyin. In 2017, the company bought the app The combined product is called Tik Tok. Almost immediately YouTube began a fairly aggressive advertising. Now the service is considered one of the most popular in the world. The audience, with rare exceptions, are young people up to 19 years.

The service offers users to upload short videos. There you can chat with other testocreme and comment. They can raise the normal user to dizzying heights of popularity. Most importantly, to spread them as often as possible.

Famous for the network as a source of memes and challenges. The service is extremely entertaining, there’s no place for politics or any serious issues. There are no ads, only a song or parody.

The user takes a short video of 15 to 60 seconds, builds into his music from your device, add special effects and masks. There is a filter beauty face, which allows you to remove the defects. The roller can slow down or speed up. Created a video you can share on Instagram or Youtube.

Due to the fact that the audience of service, basically, is teenagers, the content on the TikTok older users describe briefly and clearly — “Spanish shame”. But fans of the platform like that you can kink and grimacing, giggling at the same artless rollers peers and not particularly bother over whether the articulation with the words of the song accompanying the video.

But a cluster of young users are attracted and a certain category of people that parents of teenagers do not want to see with their children under any circumstances.

Actually, it is for the promotion of pedophilia and pornography were banned TikTok in India. By court it is withdrawn from Google and Apple in order to put an end to access “sexual predators” to the children.

According to some, in India TikTok last year has been downloaded over 240 million times. In 2019 — more than 30 million times. Zealots of piety are unable to show the court videos with pornographic content, but scantily dressed teenagers, dancing and singing under the world hits, was plenty.

Representatives of the company in its appeal to the Supreme court stressed that a very small part of the content TikTok can be called inappropriate or obscene. But the requirements of authorities are met, then the lock service have been removed.

Much tougher with the application cost in the United States. Since the merger with the, the service is registration required to provide personal information — from email addresses to phone numbers and user name.

The Federal trade Commission (FTC) accused the company of illegally collecting data relating to underage users. Moreover, without the knowledge and consent of parents. In addition, were marked by attempts of adults to communicate with teenagers using the function that allows you to find other ticktockers within 50 miles.

Service TikTok was fined a record sum of 5.7 million dollars. FTC Chairman Joe Simons stated that draconian measures forced the service to block users under 13 years of age, not allowing them to shoot and publish your video in the app. Minor left the opportunity to “like” someone else’s content and subscribe to the popular users. They will be able to shoot their videos with all the special effects, but it is possible to save your own gadget.

If you consider that the number of downloads of service App Store and Google Play around the world exceeded one billion, it becomes clear that the problem of protecting adolescents is a critical issue. For comparison, last year Facebook has been installed on millions of devices 711 and Instagram — 444 million times.

TikTok is the third in the world in the number of installations since the beginning of the year, fourth place as the most downloaded application of the year 2018, and as a leader in non-game applications in the United States.

In January 2019, the number of new service users in the world reached 71.3 million.

In India the platform is used by 250 million people. In Russia the audience is much smaller — only 1.5 million.

But they spend on the social network at least 13 minutes a day, that puts TikTok on the fourth place among the most popular Runet instant messenger after WhatsApp, Instagram and Vkontakte.

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