In the autumn the presentation of Apple, where the iPhone XS iPhone XS and Max, representatives of the company promised us that the fan is able to provide a greater battery life than the iPhone X. to check whether this statement is fact, experts Consumer Reports has thoroughly tested the new smartphone in a variety of usage scenarios. The results were quite entertaining
In order to obtain results more close to real usage scenarios on the device using special fixtures and with the same sequence run various tasks — viewing web pages, taking pictures, navigation. The brightness of the screen all tested devices were set to maximum.

The results were as follows: iPhone XS in such “mixed” regime lasted for about 24.5 hours. iPhone XS Max showed a slightly better result — 26 hours. In this case, iPhone X in this test the autonomy, lasted only 19.5 hours.

According to experts of the edition, the strongest and most important innovation in the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max is its battery. Despite the fact that battery capacity did not change significantly compared with the predecessor, the indicators of autonomy do very decent, largely thanks to the processor Apple A12 Bionic built on new technology standards, as well as the overall optimization of the operating system.

However, not without comments. The publication notes that to fully charge the device from 0 to 100% takes too much time — more than 3 hours. This of course does not go to any comparison with the closest competitor Samsung Galaxy Note 9, which makes up for its charge much faster and package which includes an adapter for quick charging. However, even in this case the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max is a smartphone, definitely deserves our attention.

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