There are three serious challenges to the hegemony of Washington: he will lose global leadership, if not solve the situation with Huawei, with the construction of “Nord stream — 2” and with the purchase of a Turkey systems s-400, writes the Turkish newspaper Cumhuriyet.

Cumhuriyet notes that in Ukraine, the USA failed in Syria, Bashar al-Assad has survived, and the country disintegrated. Now we need to solve the problem around Huawei. The United States views the growth of Huawei as a threat to its global leadership, because this company is not just competing brand mobile phones for the us giant Apple, but the company that offers the world’s telecommunications infrastructure, moving in the direction of company the US, the EU and Canada, reports RT the text of the article.

Another fear of the US President Donald trump — the problem of the “Nord stream — 2”, which affects U.S. relations with Russia and Germany. Because of the pipeline, the EU gradually slips from the hands of the United States. US threatens sanctions against companies participating in the project, but Moscow and Berlin indicated that “Nord stream — 2” will still be built.

The third big fear of the tramp — is the problem of the missile defense system s-400 in U.S. relations with Turkey and Russia. The United States put intense pressure as buying Turkey s-400 will change very much, including will open the way for many other countries.

“US not being able to solve these three problems in terms of when their hegemony is also on the decline, will quickly lose its global leadership,” concludes the Turkish edition.

Earlier this week, the US has threatened Turkey “very negative consequences” of the purchase of s-400.

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