The cost of travel on the Moscow Central diameters (WDC) will vary depending on the type of rolling stock, the information center of the transport complex of the city of Moscow on Friday.

According to the report, the diameters of the IDC-1 “Belarus-Savelovskaya” and the IDC-2 “Kursk-Riga” will go to new trains “Oriole”, and conventional trains.

“If a passenger travels on the WDC, there is no need to wait for a particular train, it can sit in any, and the fare will be the same, regardless of the type of composition. For example, if a passenger travels from station to the Ring of the camp, he can sit on an ordinary train to IDC, the cost within the “Central” zone will be 38 rubles. On this platform, on the same ticket, people can sit on the “Oriole” before reaching a Working settlement, the ticket price will be the same — 38 roubles”, — quotes the press service of chief Directorate of the IDC of the Department of transport of Moscow Andrey Akimov.

The press service noted that the rates for a ticket at the IDC depends on fare zone: on the map “Troika” in the “Central” area — 38 rubles, in the area of “the Suburbs” — 45 roubles, “Far” the cost of the trip will consist of the price of a valid ticket on the train (23 rubles for each area up to the boundaries of the IDC) and 45 rubles. All existing tickets for suburban trains will remain.

To pay the fare at the IDC passengers will be able not only buying a paper ticket, but with the help of Bank cards that supports PayPass/PayWave and gadgets technology Samsung Pay Apple Pay and Google Pay.

“Thanks to the new tariff system, while passengers will save on travel up to 50%, and passengers coming from Moscow region within the boundaries of the IDC to 75%”, — added in the message.

Is added that gradually trains on the IDC will be updated. By 2021, the carrier plans that the first two diameters will only go high-tech trains, which will increase the comfort level of passengers.

The launch of the first diameters is scheduled for late 2019. WDC-1 “Belarus-Savelovskaya” and the IDC-2 “Kursk, Riga” is 132 km, 66 stations, 27 of which you can take the metro, the Moscow Central ring or radial direction of the railway.

Already with the launch of the first two diameters of the public transport will be available for the 3.7 million residents of Moscow and Moscow region. The first two end-to-end route will improve accessibility over 45 districts and 6 cities of the region. Thanks to WDC-1 and WDC-2 trains will appear more than 900 thousand passengers a day.

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