Arrested in Vancouver in December last year, the financial Director of the Chinese Corporation Huawei Meng Wanzhou did not particularly like the gadgets his company, preferring the technique from Apple. This follows from the decision of the court, which lists seized from a top Manager of technology.

The document on the page in Twitter has led to the publication theBreakerNews

Among the Macbook Air, iPad Pro, iPhone 7 Plus is the only gadget was Huawei smartphone Mate 20 RS. But it was the premium version with design from Porsche.

Bloomberg in late January, wrote about the fact that Huawei has demoted and reduced the salary of two employees of the Department of SMM-promotion for that new year greetings in Twitter they sent with the iPhone. In the mobile version of the application you can see the icon which the operating system sent the message. According to media reports, from employees ‘ wages deducted five thousand yuan (730 dollars).

The leadership of the Chinese Corporation has demanded to toughen requirements for employees. It is unclear whether to extend this requirement to the Meng Wanzhou, since in addition to a high post in the company, she is also the daughter of a corporate CEO Rena Jenvey.

Police in Canada have arrested a man Wanzhou at the Vancouver airport. On suspicion of violating trade sanctions against Iran.

China expressed strong protest and demanded the release of their citizen. In the United States, the detention called the criminal case that will not affect any negotiations between Washington and Beijing over restrictions imposed on trade between countries.

At the moment, a top Manager of Huawei, is under house arrest at his home in Vancouver.

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