Within 2019 WWDC Apple unveiled a completely redesigned Mac Pro. At the moment we know only the cost of the basic version of the computer. However, the Verge has calculated approximately how much can cost a top modification trends – according to conservative estimates the price tag will be about $ 45,000.

The most advanced version of Mac Pro will be equipped with 28-core Intel Xeon W (2,5/4,4 GHz), a RAM array with a total volume of 1.5 TB, a couple of SSDs with a total capacity of 4 TB and two graphics units of the AMD Radeon Vega Pro II Duo.

Knowing the approximate components, the authors of The Report calculated the cost of the top-end version of the Mac Pro:

  • Intel Xeon W – 7 $ 500;
  • an array of RAM — 17 $ 900;
  • two graphics module: AMD Radeon Vega Pro II Duo – $ 12,000;
  • SSD a total capacity of 4 TB – $ 2,400;

In the end, only these components have cost about $ 40,000. The final cost of a computer you also need to include the computer itself, the motherboard, cooling system, power supply, card Afterburner ProRes, etc.

Thus, it is possible to say that the top specification Mac Pro will cost no less than $ 45,000. If we add to this figure and brand Apple display with the optional stand, the cost of buying a workstation Mac Pro exceeds $ 50,000.


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