Hodgepodge world of mobile phones. We’ve got the same Motorola smartphone created with the support of the Lenovo, processor-based Samsung with the best design features of the newest Sony Xperia… but without the errors that were made by the Japanese. And now we will try with all their splendor and take off.

On the idea of marketing, we now had to sing, they say, is the first smartphone that is designed to replace action cameras. But mommy’s help among our readers are a minority, and meet phones still on clothes, so let’s begin with the exterior of One Action.

Here we must digress and recall that, in unspoken fashion, every new generation smartphone is required to accommodate a larger display. Just as for weight loss need to either eat less or move more, to increase the screens of smartphones or you need to reduce the scope of, or increase the diagonal “in a forehead”. The first way in 2014 began to use the Japanese, when for struggle, within the earpiece, selfie camera and sensors or go “under the knife”/replaced so-so peers or moved to “remote places”, culturally speaking.

The second method is the seasonal exacerbation “look what I have long and thick”, which from time to time covering different smartphone manufacturers. For example, in 2016 this way of expression had been ill with ASUS, the ZenFone 3 Ultra with 6.8 inches display classic proportions of 16:9. Since then, nothing so monstrous, the guys from Taiwan had not released and, like, not even planning.

In 2018 perfectionism knocked at the door Huawei and on light there was a 7.2-inch 20X Mate. A year later, chaveevan also “relieved”, so Mate 30 and 30 Pro 6.6 beyond” not peeking, and a series of Mate X seem hacked at the root. Of modern smartphones hefty left except Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, but it is rather a return to basics — to the “Yes, you are crazy to release such a shovel!”, as it was perceived at the time of the release of the first Galaxy Note in 2011. And then, to make of a flagship giant Samsung had to bottom to accommodate the “cropped” version of the Note 10, and that this is no longer to be confused with the Galaxy S10.

But there is a third way — to make smartphones more narrow but with a long display. This idea came from the Japanese Sony, the authors of one of the famous “shovel” era of the early Android smartphones. In words, it seems that smartphones with the proportions of the Twix bars is not viable, but in fact they were compact and solid for the amount of information being displayed, and to watch them constantly narrowing from year to year the proportions so it was more convenient. So Sony was happy to embody all these new ideas in the mobile phone 2019 model year.

But… took off. And not for display, and because of the traditional greed of the creators of the Xperia. Russian buyers are so arranged that the approach “Yes, I’m arrogant, so what?” forgivable only Apple. But if you release an Android smartphone with a budget processor, poor battery life, plastic body and so-so camera at the price of 30 thousand, he walks briskly with the news “presented…in Russia… the advertised price is” straight to the grave. Unfortunately, along with a good idea to make a relatively compact smartphone with a big diagonal display.

In fact, the idea did not die, but continued to live in Motorola, which after the recent shaking up of the lineup the lineup has become One of the devices is very “Amateur” in smartphones, which we can talk seriously.

Oh yeah, action camera… in Front of us the first smartphone that you can not turn sideways when shooting video and the video will be shot as expected, but not vertical stripes. But the main thing not it, but…

The usability and appearance
As they say in those of your social networks, Aboussafy that this is one of the most convenient smartphones. No, seriously. The idea of using servicenote aspect ratio plays only a smartphone at hand. Well, and into the hands of the end user (in all senses), because a typical modern wide (18:9 had to deal with it, but instead, the producers increased the diagonal, and all was back to normal) “shovels” to keep uncomfortable. And what you “norms” means “accustomed to and tolerant” because there is nothing to compare. Not because it was the best one.

We will certainly argue about what cuts, or leaving parts must be in edge-to-edge phone, but a circular cutout for the selfie camera in the corner while the rest of the display with a normal aspect ratio seems a good option. Much more interesting hanging in the center “snot” as most smartphones are cheaper than 20 thousand. It is strange that this option is the layout of the front panel there is only the competition for 28 (Honor 20) or 33+ (Samsung Galaxy S10e) thousand rubles.

However, both of these Motorola smartphones is slightly wider frame around the most selfie-camera, in part, be justified by the size of the large size of the front sensor, but the frame around the camera itself — if you cut out the screen the same Honor 20 is so small that it seems a hole for the strap for the neck (Yes, I know that smartphones are so long no one is), the “well” selfie-camera in Panasonic are much larger. But again, competitors are up to 20 thousand don’t offer anything like that.

The rear panel will appeal to those who are straining acid colors in a typical Chinese smartphones, but will seem boring to those who camera vertically in a row is very boring. It’s funny that Motorola was the first among manufacturers of smartphones on Android, who disposed of the camera original, in circumference. And now, when this design was copied Nokia, Huawei, OnePlus and Vivo, motorolovtsy away from its recognizable design to more relaxed options.

Back panel — almost a sight for sore eyes just for one reason: it has nothing to Orgy with designer delights sample the 2018-2019 year. Simply the usual glossy plastic with a barely noticeable texture. It doesn’t look “expensive-rich”, and only due to this stands out among other devices.

The fingerprint scanner was in a classic place — right on the Central axis of the rear panel. Given that the smartphone is extended in length, anatomical grip puts the index finger on the scanner. Look for it to occur, therefore, even such an arrangement can be forgiven. By the way, the scanner is quite fast and accurate. I have not encountered a situation when he had not coped with the task. And in case, if the owner is wearing gloves, provided by unlock face. Convenient, except that does not work as fast as we would like.

At least the unit cells in One Action sticks out of the case, as many smartphones 2019 model year. Therefore, the smartphone on the table, firstly, does not lie at an angle, and not swinging at the cameras. Not going to point the finger at the Redmi Note 8 Pro, which is due to the protruding camera on the center rear of the cover, each touch is teetering from side to side like a cat on the fence.

No, I understand why, for example, the camera protrude above the housing Huawei P30 Pro — so much so that he at any table looks perekoshennyy. But in the budget smartphones no record complex and bulky optics, so the protrusion of the cameras in them — the same attempt to wishful thinking, as bras with a push up for “flat” girls.

Display and shell

Don’t know about you, but I’m a little tired from the domination of AMOLED displays in smartphones. By themselves, they are, of course, good, if their “right to cook”. But in smartphones cheaper 25 thousand OLED you often get bundled with PWM (fine shimmer, which tired eyes) and oversaturated colors. IPS in smartphones at the same price most often it’s is not anyhow any, and of sufficient quality. Good AMOLED is, if we’re talking about the official Russian market, at least Xiaomi Mi 9T (now with all sorts of “Day of a bachelor” and other “Black Friday” — from 22 thousand rubles, but usually — at least 26), and all the more cheap you quality not happy.

So it makes no sense to criticize the IPS-matrix in the Motorola — the most characteristics (saturation, believable colors, sharpness) the picture is very good. But to nitpick, too, have something:

First, the maximum brightness, so to speak, is not the maximum in this class — cheaper Realme 5 Po lit at 500 CD/m2, and even going to the Redmi Note rest 7 a bit more dramatic “jump”. On the other hand, the newer Redmi Note 8 Pro display is slightly less bright than the Motorola One Action, and full brightness develops only in the auto mode when the light sensor decides that the sun fries is powerful enough to the brightness of the display can be lifted more than 500 CD/m2.

On the other hand, the brightness in the Motorola still slightly above average — in the mode of manual adjustment, in Honor 8X, DirectX 9 or you will be surprised, Samsung Galaxy S10 the display more dim. So you need to complain on it.

And an excess of “cold” colors because of high color temperature 9000K they, excuse me, clearly visible. More precisely, while I use a smartphone and not looking at the monitors/displays smartphones around, it seems that everything seems to be fine. But next to photographically accurately calibrated displays, understand that the display of the Motorola One Action as if illuminated fluorescent lamps. It is strange. I hope that with future firmware versions of white “wash” bluish shades. High temperature, of course, makes the picture like a showcase of Japanese shops, and many think it’s cool, but it’s the best neutral color mankind has not invented, and therefore it would be better to stick to it.

Pure Android in Motorola is working well — obviously better than it was in Xiaomi Mi A3 at the time. The system “flies”, the intervention of the Motorola low — for example, the ability to use custom gestures to activate things: turn on the flashlight (the flash) by shaking the smartphone, and so on.

By and large, is one of the two (still have Nokia 7.2), the remaining good-quality smartphones with Android no-frills to 20 thousand rubles. There is still Xiaomi Mi A2 (newer Mi A3 turned out specific to all and Sundry I would not recommend it), but A2 is old and in the official retail almost never occurs.

Performance and autonomy

As the hardware platform acts Exynos chip 9609. This is, by and large, the same processor that Samsung installs your Galaxy A50 and M30s with the difference in frequencies by a couple percent up or down.

Performance is something close to Snapdragon 660 or 710 (Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite/7 Redmi Note, Meizu 7.2 Nokia X8, etc.). In fact, the processor in the top three in the slope among all who are in cheaper smartphones under 20, if we are talking about official retail. In the top three because Snapdragon 710/712 close in speed in applications, but much faster in games, and the first performance — MediaTek Helio G90T, who slapped the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro. Only here MediaTek, according to old tradition, very hot and very voracious, so the Note 8 Pro with him, even with a 4500 mAh battery works at the level of ordinary smartphones with a 3800-4000 mAh.

You could still be here to sew haveevery Kirin 810, which is slightly faster and even more economical, but not intentionally Huawei sells smartphones with this processor in Russia and prefers to have the old and slower Kirin 710? Why? Because with the old CPU excommunicated from Android Huawei can register in Google’s new smartphones, under the old and continue to use Google Play in the new models. With Kirin 810 is not a ride, but to sell smartphones without Google in Russia, the guys from Huawei fear more than expulsion from the Communist party of China. In short, therefore, seems to be not elite from a technical point of view, the Exynos processor in the Motorola 9609 still hoo!

And that’s just predictable. Much more fun that samsonovsky Motorola CPU is faster than the Samsung! Because the years go by and the developers shell for Galaxy how budget was inept parasites, and remain so. Or perhaps these developers — the Indians on a remote work “for food.” Only here Galaxy M30s due to this is not getting any cheaper, but still costs 17 thousand rubles. But it is slower than the Motorola with the “naked” Android.

Judging by the fact that in the processor (Geekbench) and games (3DMark) benchmarks One Action shows the same results as the Samsung and Antutu knocked forward, the reason samsonovsky “brakes” that Koreans put lousy slow constant/RAM in its Galaxy A-and M-series. Given the fact that Samsung makes the best SSD for computers and one of the best “field trips” for them, it looks very subtle mockery.

But we digress. See what myakotka. Samsung, of course, can be endlessly inept in adapting the firmware under budget processors, but tenormi processors (which depend on the adaptability of plants, where these processors are punched) the Koreans are the best in the world. While the finer process technology, that is less the number, the less heat generated and less eats CPU. Read the whole list:

In General, the processor in the Motorola is one of the most economical processors, not counting the even more cool in this respect, Snapdragon 710. I don’t tell you for the lecture about dull your tools, and for understanding this pattern on the chart:

Frankly, I am convinced that smartphones with a battery capacity of at least 4000 mAh and the price is above 15 thousand rubles should not exist in nature. And about a question I was going to “push” in the review before doing the measurements. But in General, One Action for the amount of different disciplines are equal in endurance to other smartphones with the same 4000 mAh.

But this — look at the schedule carefully. For example, the Redmi Note 7 behind largely due to the wild extravagance in the game (and they will be installed not all buyers One Action), but in General-the Motorola sorvigolova except in the movies. Because this viewing for the processor even less energy than autoperfectiune pages tremendous (we test smartphones on 12 MB.fb2) books. But even this smartphone with IPS display and with an average volume of the accumulator is a very cool indicator.

Translate into human language — before dinner Motorola One Action will work for you always, day — depends on your diligence, but for two days even do not threaten and just discipline yourself to connect before going to sleep smartphone to a power outlet. Strange things, of course, because Motorola One Action, even a little thicker than other smartphones with 4000 mAh in the battery. And annoying charging capacity of 10 watts — to fill a battery from 0% to 100% will need to spend 2 hours and 15 minutes.


If we compare “the numbers” camera Motorola One Action with the camera of his “brother” One Vision, the difference is obvious — the hero lost the main module 48 MP, but got an additional action camera, and a full 12 Megapixel without extrapolation of the image to the attracted “for ears” 48 MP (in which the picture quality is lousy, and the normal — with 12 MP).

This is a definite plus, because the camera produces an image with very good contrast and without “soap” on closer examination of parts of the picture. Clearer than Xiaomi Mi 9T (writing and surprised myself, but nonetheless) or Realme XT (these guys just do a little hands do not grow out to optimize the automation in cameras), not to mention any Samsung to Galaxy A70, inclusive. But in comparison with Redmi Note 8 Pro — not the fact, you need to check live comparison test. In any case, Motorola is taking pictures better than you expect from her after average-quality photography Moto G7 or G8.

I don’t know if pure Android “godlike” algorithms Google Camera, which pray all the smartphone enthusiasts, but the fact is that, even without any night modes One Action takes off in the darkness with normal quality, without the “loose” areas, blurring or scorched from the black to the gray of the sky.

At night, of course, it is better to try to take in as a static position, because the camera doesn’t warn, like some Huawei that you need to lock the device after pressing the shutter to get a sharp image. Not shaking hands, get a normal night shot. Everything is simple and clear.

For shooting video there are two sensor. Basic (same as picture) designed for Full HD and 4K video (the front camera can also in 4K, here is a twist) in standard mode. Wide-angle mode is activated when the switching Action Itself. Immediately I must say that taking pictures in this mode, you will not be able to remove and have upright.

And no, it’s not a bad thing. It is a very rational decision, because reduce the shaking can only be achieved by changing the grip of the device. When the center of gravity of the smartphone passes completely through the palm of your hand, most of the vibration goes off. Just try to take one arm and hold it in two positions: first vertical, then horizontal. The difference will understand immediately. That’s what “shirik” and deployed.

A wide-angle camera has a resolution of 16 megapixels and a viewing angle of 117 degrees. A little less than the GoPro, but we must not forget that we have an ordinary smartphone. Anticipating questions in the comments, I note that the stabilization of the Motorola pushed out there. In the main sensor and action camera. However, it is unclear why the design of the smartphone did not think about the full protection from the water. It is possible to be content with symbolic IPX2 standard, which protects against splashing water.

The front camera is a sensor with a normal diameter of the aperture, so the light falls on the sensor in excess and the pictures are clear, bright and without noise.


Motorola One Vision

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro
Henry Ford said: “the Car can be any color, if this color — black”. So competitors can enter any smartphones, but to compare will still, first and foremost, with Xiaomi. So let us not resist the inevitable!

Compared to Motorola, which in our test, the Redmi Note 8 Pro got more cool sensor main camera. To hell with them, with the megapixels — you will still be taking pictures at 16 MP, while 64 MP the smartphone is made exclusively for fallometrii marketers. More importantly, the sensor Samsung Bright S5KGW1 this Xiaomi principle itself is quite expensive and most modern. So much so that with more “narrow pupil” of the camera (f/1.9) photographs often even slightly better than the smartphone competitors with the f/1.7. In photocast Note 8 Pro can even compete with smartphones that cost of 22-25 thousand rubles. But video shoots lousy — even worse than Redmi Note 7. But, as they say Russian singers mouth: “you’re pregnant, but this is temporary”. Let’s hope that the problems with the video mobile is good (physically) a camera that’s also temporary until the automation has not adapted the potential of the new sensor.

Processor in Xiaomi is also very powerful, but the Chinese (MediaTek is famous for the fact that he wanted to spit on a quick update to Android), very hot and very voracious. If the cooling Xiaomi somehow managed, with the voracity of anything to do could not, therefore, Note 8 Pro with a 4500 mAh battery is discharging faster than Motorola One Action with 3500 mAh. Isn’t it a shame and hands out of your ass?

All other features (display, sound, connection, etc.) from Xiaomi approximately equal to those of the Motorola is that RAM a little more. And the prices are not Camisea bites — okay, if the smartphone was uncontested steep in terms of rouble spent some Mi Redmi 9T or 8. But enough weaknesses, and they still take out so positive amount is comparable with last year’s flagship Mi 8, and which display is better and the processor faster…

Xperia 10
One of the first smartphones, which did not stop on the proportions of the screen 18:9 and has received more elongated body.

I also want to speak to the Xperia 10 something good, but I can’t. Yes, cool design (and not to the touch), compact, high-quality display, very comfortable to watch movies. But the top frame is large, the body is made from slippery, nasty plastic, the keys are arranged strangely (the fingerprint did not bother to combine with a key of power, and I don’t care why — in the old Xperia, this feature was), the processor is taken from the smartphone cost 6-7 thousand rubles, the autonomy of sad, camera picture quality is equal to the smartphones cost about 8-9 thousand rubles. And all of this stuff, ask for “twenty”.

Not that I seriously propose you to choose between One Action and this Xperia, just wanted to show you what are the alternatives if you want to buy a smartphone that is comfortable to hold in hands.

Samsung Galaxy A50
One of the best Samsung 2019. Quality display, good battery life (significantly better than in One Action), the same processor as today’s Motorola. But the camera and shoot worse, and the actual speed Samsung lags behind Moto with its “empty” Android multi-storey without firm shells.

Expensive, of course — with 128 GB of memory, as the Moto One Action, will fly the official at least 21 thousand rubles. And more — in all 23. But with 64 GB it is still good as an alternative One Action if the AMOLED display and autonomy is more important to you quality cameras and responsiveness of the system.

Here would be appropriate “to sew” more recent Galaxy A50s with improved cameras, but it is officially not sold in Russia, alas.


“And yet it has launched a cool action camera for shooting in a vertical position!”, — I wanted to write in the last sentence of the review. Because, even though it is a convenient innovation, not in it an essence not in it, the main value Motorola One Action.

The real value in this smartphone other, but even more important:

It is the most affordable frameless smartphone (basement nobody knows the Chinese do not count) with the cutout in the display, and not with the “Bang” of a particular form.

It is, if not the coolest, one of the best budget smartphones on the clarity of the photos on the main rear camera.

And one of the few smart phones with Android, reasonable price and modern characteristics

Smartphone with the best ratio of compactness and diagonal. See: Motorola slapped in One Action 6.3 inches display with a width of 71.2 mm. Know what normally the size of the display offer you other smartphones with the same width? From 5.45” (Redmi 6A, 71.5 mm width) in the budget smartphone up to 6.1” (Huawei P30, 71.3 mm width) in the flagship. Even in iPhone 11 Pro you only get a 5.8 inch display with the same ease grip.

“So he’s probably long as hell? And the battery is cut due to the narrower hull?”, — you will ask. Not really — look at the same height Honor 8X and see that a much wider and “Apatity” casing, it has contained only 0.2″ larger than the area of the display and a 250 mAh larger battery. But this is a “shovel” in which every attempt to reach the opposite edge of the screen, you need to plan wisely — spade-glass!

In a perfect world I would like to diagonal was smaller as the camera worked the new sensor Samsung 64 MP, and the processor was Snapdragon 730, but even in its current form, the Motorola One Action worthy of attention, if you searched for “CD new wave” with a quality camera and not flawed autonomy.

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