In January 2019, will begin selling the first headphones with the function of simultaneous translation from Timekettle. In order to communicate with a foreigner will be enough to insert one earphone in your ear, and the second to give the source.

Source: Hi-Tech+

Funds for the start of sales of headphones have been collected on a crowdfunding platform — the first copies have already been sent to customers. In the mass selling headphones-interpreters will arrive in January, but to get the device from the first batch pre-order need to register now.

Wireless headphones and in appearance resemble the Apple AirPods, only larger. They also are transferred in the magnetic case, which charged. Each earpiece is a separate device, and even the case is divided in two.

Each earphone is loaded in a separate application, depending on the language of the speaker. As soon as the earphone inserted in the ear, and applications are configured, you can begin the dialogue. The sides will be able to communicate in automatic mode, manual mode questions.

Automatic mode is for dialogue in a quiet place, hands free. When using the manual mode before beginning each phrase need to touch the device to mark the beginning of the lines. Mode of questions will be suitable for those who have something to ask of strangers (road price), in this case, the second earpiece is not necessary to give.

By the way, a month ago, the Chinese company Baidu is also presented a model of a simultaneous interpreter, but it has not yet developed a specific device.

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