When the Internet began to spread the news about the transition from Android to Huawei, “Aurora”, we decided that it was fake and did not even inform hearing readers. But no smoke without fire, as it turned out, does not happen. Another thing that the media talked about one, we expected more, but it turned out… the third.

This is the third and final part of a huge interview that we agreed to give the Chinese “pertaining to Huawei’s” insider.

— The first part: Where Huawei is known in advance about the American sanctions

— The second part: How Huawei is going to get out without processors and Android

The interview took place in mid-June, so it still had no information about that in 2019 Huawei resumed negotiations with the Ministry for digital development, communications and mass communications of the Russian Federation about the release of devices based on “Aurora”. But it was a lot just wondering about the earlier stages of cooperation.

Smartphones on the “Aurora” really soon. But not the fact that it will be smartphones Huawei

Since we’re talking about partnership — is it true that Huawei is going to release smartphones on the Russian operating system “Aurora”?

I was very amused to observe the reports in the Russian media about it first, someone wrote that “Aurora” will appear on smartphones Huawei casually, then denied this information, then wrote again, if the Russian system will replace the Top for the duration of the sanctions. The funny thing is that all these three waves of news no one has written the truth. And in fact, harder and more boring:

In fact, the Russian government convened the major manufacturers of smartphones in a meeting behind closed doors in the second half of 2018. Huawei also attended and Samsung, and other major vendors.

Russian officials made a speech in the spirit: “Ladies and gentlemen, we want to start the production of smartphones and tablets on the Russian system “Aurora” and looking for a partner who will be able to produce the needed number of devices with desired characteristics. What do you want in return?”.

Manufacturers in the audience were many, but none, I emphasize none of them replied, “No, we’re just not interested, don’t want to mess with any “Aurora”.

More precisely, one was Apple, but they don’t count. Because no one seriously believed that Apple is going to cooperate. I think they were called out of courtesy rather to say, Apple did not have the impression, as if the Russian government is not fundamentally called for talks American manufacturer.

That You so subtly implying that all took and agreed?

No, of course. Following the meeting, the producers signed the documents to disclose, and later they sent an actual version of Aurora for review.

In-house developers of companies studied system was estimated, how many it is necessary to invest to bring it closer in functionality to Android and make it run well on smartphones and tablets. Then consulted with the developers of “Rostelecom” (which belongs to “Aurora” — approx. ed.) that is scheduled to be made in the near future, and how difficult will it be to add features to it, according to Huawei, was missing. The results of this examination, the producers sent the verdict — the list of costs and terms of cooperation. And not even “Rostelecom”, and representatives of the Russian government.

Judging by the hype in the media, conditions Huawei Russian officials are very pleased?

The required amount for completion of the “Aurora” I’m not going to sound. Partly because because it is a trade secret and competitors should not know the figure, so as not to start a “dump”. Yes, and since then the programmers of JSC “Rostelecom” improved “Aurora” on their own and now the amount of costs will be different.

And General terms and conditions — please:

To specify in advance the timing of the release, characteristics and Kolichestvennaya each model of tablets or smartphones on the “Aurora” that Huawei was able to assess whether this venture is profitable for the company.

If the device on the basis of “Aurora” will be released, they should carry the logo of Huawei. Because these smartphones and tablets, CCAC You might guess, according to the state order is expected to be put in libraries, schools, hospitals, all sorts of recepcni in public transport, traffic police, border guards, the deputies of the state Duma… almost everywhere! If Huawei would start “radiating” everywhere, the Chinese side will be very pleased.

Preferences for imports of products of Huawei in Russia. Now procedure at the stage of import gadgets seriously increase the final price of the smartphones and laptops compared to Chinese. If through cooperation with the government will find a way to reduce this factor to a minimum, it will be a success!

Why Russians smartphones on the Russian system, if the citizens do not trust the Russian government?

And You do not mind that the Russians will dislike the device on the “Aurora” (with Huawei logo, that will hit you harder) and to be squeamish to use them?

Don’t understand the complaints — the camera, batteries, screens and CPUs at Huawei quality, it is not necessary to prove separately. Aurora architectural is also good since, as it was called Maemo/Meego was a Nokia.

Yes, since then much water has flowed under the bridge and some of the things you need to bring to mind that they work in modern mobile devices, but it is not critically difficult and you can achieve the result of the level of Android, which now all pray to God.

It seems really do not understand. Easier to explain: Russia is afraid to use the device, designed by Russian firms. Especially state. Because nobody needs gadgets spy with permanent Internet access in the apartments, especially the pockets

For psychological advice, contact somewhere else. Huawei will not raise the patriotism of the Russians, and not spend a dime, and will deal only with the issue of good smartphones, tablets and laptops.

If the agreement with the Russian government are achieved, the Huawei device on the “Aurora” will be released. If the contract will not work — will not work.

Once Chinese smart phones was also an occasion for jokes, even among the Chinese, but the situation, as you can see, has changed. Moreover, the prestige of Chinese art was lifted from scratch. Nothing is impossible.

And some of them have already been achieved since 2008?

No. The government said “thanks, we’ll think about it”, this contact ceased. Perhaps an agreement was reached, but not with Huawei and another maker (as it turned out, a month later, contacts with Huawei’s government resumed approx. ed.).

If the smartphones will be forced to sell with the state institutions, it is possible to do, of course, and without prestige. But will model the “Aurora” to be sold in regular stores?

I believe that Russia is a rather large and developed country to make the national operating system and devices based on it. Russia, for its scale, there is no alternative but to strengthen its independence. But retail sales of such devices will depend on the Russian government and, perhaps, even Putin.

How? Putin should do a review of smartphones on the “Aurora” indicating the deficiencies, to Huawei have been working on the bugs and started selling?

No, for retail sales of Huawei should not it, and other things: — to Solve the problem of mistrust of pokupatelei to conduct an effective campaign such devices. Not going to work for advertisers, but it seems to me that the logo “Rostelecom” on mobile phones and commercials will cause a reaction of rejection from buyers. It would be wiser to advertise, “Aurora”, as the latest system for smart phones the “same” Nokia than it is de facto. And no vparivaniya “state” or “national projects”!

Let the engineers Huawei okazyvatsya programmers (from “Rostelecom”, which are developing a system now), what and how it needs to change. Huawei is no longer necessary to prove that its membranes and systems are working fine, but Amateur Russian programmers instead of the normal code firmware useless. Let those involved in the circles of young developers, not for real high-volume smartphones.

Trace (on the orders of Putin or his agent environment), Tabiat the design stage to getting smartphones on the shelves without vorovstvo “markups” to the prices of the blue. For us, the Chinese, pry into the entire chain of vendors and shops, of course, will not allow, but then, so please, be aware that inexpensive (at the stage of deliveries from Huawei) smartphones began to cost God knows how many times more expensive than originally agreed recommended rates for buyers.

Why did the Chinese not strain state censorship and surveillance

We haven’t been talking about surveillance and censorship by the state against the users of smartphones with the “Aurora”. What you need to do to the government, more or less clear — to sell smartphones by any advertising means. What would you recommend to buyers? Relax and have fun?

You want to easy to ridicule the one word answer? Then, Yes, relax.

I’ve always wondered why the Russians are suffering some delusions of persecution or fighting for the government’s interference when that interference is what every country — only some do it clearly, while others do not advertise their intentions.

Not to mention private companies. Somehow nobody cares that much information about you Google collects, which in the use of personal user data, in contrast to the state and his ideas about NATs.security, of all the infinite scope for abuse.

Certainly not the Chinese would say about the abuse! Your officials have blocked Google to hell just because in the search you can find real (not fake news) facts about the history of China.

Not actually blocked, but “did not reach an agreement with the company” 20 years ago. Google then ignored the legitimate request of the Chinese government. Some state requirements were logical, some not so. But if he fulfilled at least part of them, the government would meet and Google could continue to work in our country normally.

For example, the government of China requested to locate servers with the storage of personal data in China. By the way, now required by all. Not only Russia — the European Union and the United States, too. For example, Amazon Europe stores all the data about users and not even tried to argue. And in China, so I don’t pay attention — who the hell are these people, these Chinese, in order for something to ask, right?

And Yes, the Chinese government was asked to restrict access to sensitive information — we, you know, work, earn money, build a normal life. We do not need nafig civil war on the grounds of ideology or religion, or rotten long ago when a long time ago someone who is no longer alive, was wrong, and something therefore did.

But no, Google said “you are not the boss of us! Block, if strong enough!“. Not left China, and spawn servers in Hong Kong, which has an independent network. To China in attempts locks the hostile company shat himself and broke the work of the main canals. After such impudence, the government of China found it Council and tightly blocked. And since then, you know, with the negotiations is not specified.

But Google is still working in Hong Kong and Taiwan?

And in Macau, too. But we’re working on it.

For some reason they want China to repent for the fact that Google does not work in China. But the innocence of the Google, of course, no doubt, and he no questions asked.

Yes, we too suffer from such realities. We really miss YouTube, we would love to use Google Maps. But the law is the law.

And the last question: why You gave me so much information? What’s Your interest?

You know, very, very tired of the daily “the funeral” Huawei in the media and, especially, in the reviews of the smartphone in the online stores.

Yes, Huawei had a lot of problems, but they can be solved, and many have already been solved. But the alarmists on the Internet continue to talk nonsense, and even the technical media are ill-informed that I often pointed out during our conversation.

People are free to decide to stay with Huawei, or to change your favourite smartphone manufacturer. The main thing that they made choices based on actual situation of information, but not mutually exclusive information in the headers of the daily news.

What a place to go for those who consider the interview a fake

All the reformers in the genres:

There was no interview, journalists-prostitutes of Ferra’re all invented! (I even risked my reputation, because in an interview he swore in the absence of the recorder, and uploaded the audio recording with the changed votes in the comments to the previous parts. Thus framed, because they promised the Chinese that I would not record his voice, and write an article from memory. But prosecutors ignored even it is moved to the next item).

Your friend is not from the Chinese! You wrote the lyrics, then found a Chinese man, and gave him to read it on tape! (go to the forest, a fucking conspiracy. With such difficulties I would prefer to ban all the unhappy commenters and do face brick, as do all colleagues in such cases. And practice shows that doing the right thing).

The Chinese do not say! (for the feeble-minded explain that “unique user experience” and other marketing stuff I translated from English to Russian state-owned human language, including jokes-sayings)

Each of these disaffected army knows where he needs to go and never return. In order to postpone heap, use their blozhikah and tell there, what we fake news and the goats. Tired of being kind and wearing it on the neck of those who spits on you from above.

The rest thank you so much for your attention and trust.

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