Users of Stack Exchange have confirmed that the twitching of the mouse really speed up working with Windows 95.

A description of the problem

July 1 user Stack Exchange under the name user2652379 reminded to accelerate the installation of applications in Windows 95 using the move mouse cursor, that was not answer on the network. Another user Stack Exchange confirmed this, explaining that the architecture of Windows 95.

The cause of the problem

In Windows 95 used preemptive multitasking whereby the OS to decide which task to give a higher priority, and the tasks themselves were treated with cycles. First implemented I / o, and only after that — the background task that was allocated the same time interval just 15.6 MS.

Accordingly, when copying files or installing programs OS put the transaction data in the queue waiting for the buffer to fill up a background task, and after that was engaged in the performance of the entire list. Thus, while the task was expecting the buffer is full, it is not actually implemented.

User under the name Cody Gray said, referring to the article Microsoft developer Raymond Chen, the feature of Windows 95 is not caused by the OS itself, and writing applications for it without considering its features.

The results of mouse movements

The movement of the mouse allow for a faster fill the buffer and restarted the cycle of tasks that have accelerated the installation of programs or copying files. Thus, the installation of large applications, it was possible to accelerate the movement of the mouse cursor from 1 hour to 15 minutes. Similarly, it was possible to speed up and Defrag the hard drive.

Also at Stack Exchange said that such behavior only occurs with Windows 95, then the next Microsoft OS is used, other systems of multitasking.

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