On the website of the FCC (Federal Communications Commission USA) were spotted on certification results, upcoming MacBook Pro model number A2159. This is a new model, not yet released by Apple.

Apparently, the documentation on the FCC was posted prematurely by mistake, as she soon disappeared from public access.

According to the found on the FCC label, it can be upgraded 13-inch MacBook Pro. It is likely that Apple decided to release the updated MacBook Pro 13-inch without touch panel Touch Bar, this model has not received updates from 2017.

According to another theory, it could be a 16-inch MacBook Pro in a new design with minimal frames around the display.

Earlier in the network already appeared rumors that the company plans to release 16-inch MacBook Pro model in a new design. This is the larger version of the Apple laptops since the cessation of sales of the 17-inch MacBook Pro in 2012. Novelty can get the frameless design.

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