Last week the Administration of U.S. President Donald trump held a meeting, which discussed the opportunity at the legislative level to prohibit technology companies to use end-to-end encryption.

The national security Council of the United States decided whether to demand that Congress ban end-to-end data encryption, according to Politico. In recent years technology companies, including Apple, Google and Facebook, have become widely used end-to-end encryption, citing concern about data privacy of its users. However, the law enforcement officers who have lost their opportunity to seize the correspondence of suspects, faced serious difficulties in investigating cases related to terrorism, drug trafficking and child pornography.

As the source explained to Politico, there are two possible ways of further development of events. First, the President’s Administration will release its official stance in the issue of encryption, and work on finding a solution will continue. The second way Congress will prohibit end-to-end encryption at the legislative level. However, the results of the last meeting of the Committee of national security, the decision on which path to choose, and was not accepted.

Prohibition of use of end-to-end encryption will greatly facilitate the work of law enforcement, however, will put at risk the security of the data of tens of millions of users.

What arguments were made by members of the national security Council at a recent meeting, Politico could not figure out. However, it is known that members of the Council divided into two camps. According to the Ministry of justice and the FBI, the priority must be the capture of criminals and terrorists, even if weakening encryption would jeopardize the confidentiality of user data. However, the Ministry of Commerce and the state Department disagree with this approach and believe that “government backdoors” can have a negative impact on the economy, security and diplomatic relations.

The Department of homeland security also could not come to a consensus. The Agency’s experts on cyber security and infrastructure protection noted the importance of data encryption, especially in critical infrastructure, but their colleagues from Immigration and customs enforcement and the Secret service are experiencing persistent difficulties in the investigation of crimes due to the encryption.

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