Imagine a situation: you ride quietly on the subway and here you are, some stranger sends a photo of his dick by using AirDrop. And even if you reject the receiving of the image, preview will still have to watch. And if the government is not considered an act of exhibitionism and anything terrible in it is not seen, but now to ignore the so-called cyberflying impossible. American politicians are considering a bill that would fine or imprison those who send pictures of genitalia.

Source: The New York Times

Women in public transportation, are increasingly becoming victims of cyberflying. Strangers send them pictures of their members (“Dikti”) using AirDrop on iPhone. One of the first reports of cyberflying appeared in London in 2015, when a woman told British transport police that he had received lewd photos via AirDrop. Since then, major European and American cities, people often write about what dikici get while riding in a crowded transport.

Previously, this behavior is never punished, but on November 29 in the City Council of new York introduced a bill providing for such an offence a fine of one thousand dollars or a year in prison.

“Before, you needed a long coat and good shoes for running, but technology has greatly simplified the process,” said co-author of the law, Republican Joseph Borelli.

31-year-old Rebecca Odorisio became one of the victims of cyberflying in the new York subway. When the woman was riding in the car, she suddenly came a photo from someone under the name of The Enterprise. It was the erect penis. Rebecca was unpleasant and she quickly deleted the picture.

“I like in the stomach hit,” said the woman.

58-year-old Kate Hanauer got dickpic when traveling from Brooklyn into Manhattan. When on the screen appeared a photograph of the member, the woman admitted that she was more surprised than scared.

“I thought about something like: “And this at my age?” Has long been to me, no one molested”.

But Kate is very worried that the same situation did not happen to young girls, so she wrote a post on Facebook and warned friends to disable AirDrop when they are in public places.

However, some people perceive cyberflying as a harmless prank. Michael may, a doctor from new York, once went to subway and got a picture of a Nude male, covering the genitals lightsaber.

“I thought it was funny,” said Michael. He was trying to figure out who sent the picture, he looked around, but everyone in the car had her face buried in their phones.

AirDrop for Apple products was first introduced in 2011. It works by using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to communicate with other iPhone. Most recently, some Android devices have access to the same functions AirDroid. Apple users are particularly vulnerable to cyberflirting, because the phone automatically displays a preview image and asks the user to accept or reject it. And the only way to avoid this is to either completely disable the function, or to restrict to the user from the phone book.

The police Department of new York officially declared that now any complaint involving harassment will be recorded and investigated. Democrat Donovan Richards, co-author of the legislative initiative, said that Apple and other tech companies, should be responsible for warning users about the possible misuse of AirDrop. Apple representatives declined to comment.

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