The U.S. Department of justice start an antitrust investigation against the largest online platforms, according to the official website of the Department. “Antimonopoly Department of the Ministry is studying the question of how online platforms have managed to gain a foothold in the market, and whether they participate in practices that reduce competition, inhibit innovation or cause other harm to consumers”, — stated in the message. As explained in the Ministry during the audit will take into account the widespread concerns of consumers, businesses, and entrepreneurs in respect of search, social networking and some retail services on the Internet. “Antimonopoly Department of the Ministry consults and seeks information from the public, including industry participants that have a direct idea about the competition on the online platforms, as well as other persons”, — explained in a statement on the Ministry’s website. As is reported, the purpose of the investigation is “objective assessment of the competitive conditions on the online market and ensuring the access to free markets where companies compete to provide services of interest to customers”. According to the Agency Reuters referred to in the message wording, obviously relate to Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple. The representative of the Ministry refused to provide the publication of the list of companies, whose activities will be subject to verification. Google and Apple declined to comment, Facebook, and Amazon are unable to provide a comment to Reuters. In June, Reuters reported that the administration of U.S. President Donald trump plans to check whether abusing Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google his tremendous influence on the market. “It promises to be an unprecedented, large-scale test of some of the biggest companies in the world. A source familiar with the progress of the situation, said that the review could involve several public prosecutors,” — said the Agency. As Reuters concludes, tech corporations have experienced negative reactions in the United States and around the world. This is facilitated by the fears that they have too much power and harm to consumers and competitors.

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