The essence of the claim was that Apple specifies the number of pixels in the matrix display are not considering that part of them is hidden or does not exist because of the “bangs” and rounded the edges of the display. The case was heard in U.S. District court for the Northern district of California Federal judge. Plaintiffs Christian Sponchiado and Courtney Davis had accused the iPhone maker of false advertising. According to the materials of the case, according to their calculations in the model X even less pixels on screen than the Plus 8 when the claimed higher resolution. From Apple’s perspective everything is in order, because on the box of the product contains an explanation of the method of counting dots on the display. The court ruled that to continue the proceedings was inappropriate and shut it down for lack of violations.

iPhone X has become a “trendsetter” among all the gadgets at the time of its release. The vast majority of competitors started to release smartphones in a similar design, but fast enough bulky neck, which once pejoratively called opponents of this decision, was replaced by a compact “drops”. At the end of 2018, the number of manufacturers has demonstrated the cutouts in the screens just under the front camera and all sensors became hidden under the display or on the top face. According to unconfirmed information, by December 2019 will be presented the first truly frameless smartphones with fully podarennoe camera lens which is not visible. Such developments are testing the Meizu, Xiaomi and some divisions of the BBK (Oppo and Vivo).

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