Now search for the driver in the middle of a busy street will become much easier for users. Uber has released a useful upgrade – reports Cult of Mac.

Now everyone can include in application mode spotlight. It turns the iPhone screen into a bright flashlight that is easy to notice in a crowd – so the taxi drivers can easily find a customer even at the busiest places.

Uber is constantly improving its service, to make life easier for drivers and passengers. The company tries to reduce the number of cancelled orders – according to statistics, they are often overturned simply because of the inability to find the car.

“Taxi drivers often feel stressed before meeting with the client: sometimes they just don’t see him in the crowd,” said Ryan Yu, Manager of Uber. “All they now have is the address, so we try to figure out how to help them.”

Useful features Uber

The last important innovation in the Uber app – internal chat. As a result, users can explain where they are without resorting to phone calls. It also helps the deaf and hearing impaired drivers.

Also the service is quite in demand deferred reason: customers often order a car for a few hours before release to avoid delays.


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