MOSCOW, 24 Jul — RIA Novosti. The U.S. Department of justice begins an antitrust investigation against major technology companies, the market leader, according to a Ministry statement.

“The Department of justice announced today that it is investigating the Antimonopoly Committee, as the leading online platforms have managed to maintain a dominant position in the market and whether they do the activities aimed at reduction of competition, inhibition of innovation and the application of other harm to consumers — and how,” — said in a release.

The release says that the investigation will relate to the concerns of consumers, companies and entrepreneurs in relation to the search platforms, social networks and firms providing retail services.

“The purpose of the investigation — assessing the competitive conditions in the online market and ensure Americans access to free markets that companies compete in providing services. If they revealed violations, the Ministry will take appropriate measures for compensation”, — reads the statement of the Ministry of justice.

The Wall Street Journal, citing sources wrote that the DOJ investigation “creates a new threat for companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple”.

In June the judicial Committee of the house of representatives, the United States announced that it would begin verification of compliance with Antimonopoly laws in digital markets. A number of American media reported that the antitrust investigation will concern such tech giants like Facebook, Amazon, Google and Apple.

At the same time, Reuters with reference to sources reported that the US authorities are preparing to start a major investigation against Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google for possible antitrust violations. According to sources, the authority in the course of the investigation will be divided between the Federal trade Commission to take under the supervision of Amazon and Facebook, and the Ministry of justice, which will deal with Apple and Google.

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