The U.S. Department of justice has demanded that Google and Apple provide information about the users special application of the optical sight. This told Forbes.

We are talking at least about 10 thousands of users and confidential information such as names, phone numbers, and IP addresses. Data requested as part of an investigation on illicit export of weapons. However, the experts on network security have expressed their concern about this approach.

According to Forbes, this is the first known case where us investigators require personal data of users of a single app from Apple and Google.

The app “block” — Obsidian 4. It allows you to manage scopes for rifles from American Technologies Network. The app allows you to manage digital scopes ATN X-Sight and ThOR 4K from a smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi network. The app has over 10 thousand downloads in Google Play plus an unknown number of downloads in the App Store.

As explained by Forbes, the immigration and customs police United States investigating the case of illegal export of rifle scopes ATN. In theory, these applications can give the place of the “popped” illegally sold sights. However, the results of such amount of information will lead to the fact that many innocent people are also “gonna get hurt”.

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