The statement caused a rise in the Dow Jones on the U.S. exchanges by 1.4%. In particular, the stock Apple hard-hit during the trade war, up to about 5 percent. Also increased indices of Asian stock exchanges in Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong and Singapore, although not as much.

We are talking about a plan by Washington to increase tariffs by 10 percent on Chinese imports in the amount of $ 300 billion, because China failed to comply, in the opinion of the US administration, its promise to purchase more American agricultural products. As trump wrote on his Twitter, “China said it will become buying more products of our great American farmers, but has not fulfilled the promises. Maybe the situation will change…”.

To trump statements it was assumed that the decision will come into force on 1 September. Under the sanctions fall including a smart watch made by Apple and Fitbit, a smart speaker from Amazon and Apple and other devices.

Experts hope that the current step trump talks about the possibility of weakening of the trade war, however, this is only a guess.

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